kemal idrizovic
kemal idrizovic
Profesor Antropomotorike i Atletike Univerzitet Crne Gore
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The biological age of 14-year-old boys and success in adult soccer: do early maturers predominate in the top-level game?
SM Ostojic, C Castagna, J Calleja-González, I Jukic, K Idrizovic, ...
Research in Sports Medicine 22 (4), 398-407, 2014
An examination of the ethnicity-specific prevalence of and factors associated with substance use and misuse: Cross-sectional analysis of Croatian and Bosniak adolescents in …
D Bjelica, K Idrizovic, S Popovic, N Sisic, D Sekulic, L Ostojic, M Spasic, ...
International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health 13 (10), 968, 2016
Plyometric training improves sprinting, jumping and throwing capacities of high level female volleyball players better than skill-based conditioning
B Gjinovci, K Idrizovic, O Uljevic, D Sekulic
Journal of sports science & medicine 16 (4), 527, 2017
A retrospective survey on injuries in Croatian football/soccer referees
G Gabrilo, M Ostojic, K Idrizovic, B Novosel, D Sekulic
BMC musculoskeletal disorders 14 (1), 1-12, 2013
Atletika I i II
K Idrizović
Univerzitet Crne Gore, Podgorica, 2010
Differential analysis of the doping behaviour templates in three types of sports
J Rodek, K Idrizović, N Zenić, B Perasović, M Kondrič
Collegium antropologicum 37 (2), 211-217, 2013
Analyzing the relationship between anthropometric and motor indices with basketball specific pre-planned and non-planned agility performances.
M Pehar, N Sisic, D Sekulic, M Coh, O Uljevic, M Spasic, A Krolo, ...
The Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness 58 (7-8), 1037-1044, 2017
Cigarette smoking among 17–18 year old adolescents—prevalence and association with sociodemographic, familial, sport, and scholastic factors
K Idrizovic, N Zenic, E Tahirajl, N Rausavljevic, D Sekulic
Med Pr 66 (2), 153-63, 2015
The effects of 3-month skill-based and plyometric conditioning on fitness parameters in junior female volleyball players
K Idrizovic, B Gjinovci, D Sekulic, O Uljevic, PV João, M Spasic, T Sattler
Pediatric exercise science 30 (3), 353-363, 2018
Serum creatine, creatinine and total homocysteine concentration-time profiles after a single oral dose of guanidinoacetic acid in humans
SM Ostojic, B Niess, MD Stojanovic, K Idrizovic
Journal of Functional Foods 6, 598-605, 2014
Osnovi antropomotorike: teorija
D Idrizović, K Idrizović, S Stanković, Đ Nićin, R Marušić
Univerzitet Crne Gore, 2001
Sport specific fitness status in junior water polo players--Playing position approach.
K Idrizovic, O Uljevic, M Spasic, D Sekulic, M Kondric
The Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness 55 (6), 596-603, 2014
Sport-specific and anthropometric factors of quality in junior male water polo players
K Idrizović, O Uljević, Đ Ban, M Spasić, N Rausavljević
Collegium antropologicum 37 (4), 1261-1266, 2013
Physical and anthropometric profiles of elite female soccer players
K Idrizovic
Med. Sport 67, 1-2, 2014
Sublingual nucleotides prolong run time to exhaustion in young physically active men
SM Ostojic, K Idrizovic, MD Stojanovic
Nutrients 5 (11), 4776-4785, 2013
Attitudes of students of physical education and sports about doping in sport.
R Pavlović, K Idrizović
Facta Universitatis: Series Physical Education and Sport 11 (1), 103-113, 2013
Differences in anthropometric traits and trend of changes in high school students
R Pavlovic, I Mihajlovic, K Idrizovic, M Vrcic, D Stankovic, M Joksimovic
International journal of Sport Studies for Health 1 (1), 2018
New parameters and reference values for monitoring iron status in Middle Eastern adolescent male athletes
SC Voss, E Varamenti, M Elzain Elgingo, PC Bourdon
J Sports Med Phys Fitness 54 (2), 179-85, 2014
Osnova sportskog razvitka
K Idrizović, I Jukić
Sportska medicina 6 (2), 41-46, 2006
Factor analysis of world record holders in athletic decathlon
R Pavlović¹, K Idrizović
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