Viktor Korokhin
Viktor Korokhin
Institute of Astronomy, V. N. Karazin Kharkiv National University
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Optical measurements of the Moon as a tool to study its surface
Y Shkuratov, V Kaydash, V Korokhin, Y Velikodsky, N Opanasenko, ...
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A critical assessment of the Hapke photometric model
Y Shkuratov, V Kaydash, V Korokhin, Y Velikodsky, D Petrov, E Zubko, ...
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L Kolokolova
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YI Velikodsky, NV Opanasenko, LA Akimov, VV Korokhin, YG Shkuratov, ...
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Photometric anomalies in the Apollo landing sites as seen from the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter
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Y Shkuratov, V Kaydash, S Gerasimenko, N Opanasenko, Y Velikodsky, ...
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VV Korokhin, VG Kaydash, YG Shkuratov, DG Stankevich, U Mall
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Response to the comment by B. Hapke on “A critical assessment of the Hapke photometric model”
Y Shkuratov, V Kaydash, V Korokhin, Y Velikodsky, D Petrov, E Zubko, ...
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OM Starodubtseva, LA Akimov, VV Korokhin
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Photometric function variations observed on the near side of the Moon: mapping
VG Kaidash, SY Gerasimenko, YG Shkuratov, NV Opanasenko, ...
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Parameters of the positive polarization maximum of the Moon: Mapping
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Mapping of phase parameters of the lunar-surface brightness
VV Korokhin, LA Akimov
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Optical polarimetry of the Galilean satellites, Iapetus, and 64 Angelina near opposition
VK Rosenbush, NN Kiselev, K Jockers, VV Korokhin, NM Shakhovskoy, ...
Kinematika i Fizika Nebesnykh Tel Supplement 3, 227-230, 2000
A Study of Light Backscattering from Planetary-Regolith-Type Surfaces at Phase Angles 0.2 deg-3.5 deg
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The north-south asymmetry of polarization of Jupiter: The causes of seasonal variations
OS Shalygina, VV Korokhin, LV Starukhina, EV Shalygin, GP Marchenko, ...
Solar system research 42 (1), 8-17, 2008
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