Anatoli POPOV
Anatoli POPOV
Institute of Solid State Physics, University of Latvia
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Radiation-induced point defects in simple oxides
EA Kotomin, AI Popov
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 1998
Basic properties of the F-type centers in halides, oxides and perovskites
AI Popov, EA Kotomin, J Maier
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2010
Calculations of the geometry and optical properties of F Mg centers and dimer (F 2-type) centers in corundum crystals
EA Kotomin, A Stashans, LN Kantorovich, AI Lifshitz, AI Popov, IA Tale, ...
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Vibrational properties of LaPO4 nanoparticles in mid- and far-infrared domain
P Savchyn, I Karbovnyk, V Vistovskyy, A Voloshinovskii, V Pankratov, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 112 (12), 124309, 2012
Formation of anion-vacancy clusters and nanocavities in thermochemically reduced MgO single crystals
MA Monge, AI Popov, C Ballesteros, R González, Y Chen, EA Kotomin
Physical Review B 62 (14), 9299, 2000
Surfactant-assisted synthesis of Cd1− xCoxS nanocluster alloys and their structural, optical and magnetic properties
R Sathyamoorthy, P Sudhagar, A Balerna, C Balasubramanian, S Bellucci, ...
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LaPO4: Ce, Tb and YVO4: Eu nanophosphors: Luminescence studies in the vacuum ultraviolet spectral range
V Pankratov, AI Popov, L Shirmane, A Kotlov, C Feldmann
Journal of Applied Physics 110 (5), 053522, 2011
Structural and electronic properties of single-walled AlN nanotubes of different chiralities and sizes
YF Zhukovskii, AI Popov, C Balasubramanian, S Bellucci
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Charge distribution and optical properties of and F centres in crystals
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Quantum chemical simulations of the optical properties and diffusion of electron centres in MgO crystals
EA Kotomin, MM Kuklja, RI Eglitis, AI Popov
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Mechanism for energy transfer processes between Ce3+ and Tb3+ in LaPO4: Ce, Tb nanocrystals by time‐resolved luminescence spectroscopy
V Pankratov, AI Popov, SA Chernov, A Zharkouskaya, C Feldmann
physica status solidi (b) 247 (9), 2252-2257, 2010
Semi-empirical simulations of the electron centers in MgO crystal
RI Eglitis, MM Kuklja, EA Kotomin, A Stashans, AI Popov
Computational materials science 5 (4), 298-306, 1996
Systematic trends in (0 0 1) surface ab initio calculations of ABO3 perovskites
RI Eglitis, AI Popov
Journal of Saudi Chemical Society 22 (4), 459-468, 2018
Electronic excitations in ZnWO4 and ZnxNi1− x WO4 (x= 0.1− 0.9) using VUV synchrotron radiation
A Kalinko, A Kotlov, A Kuzmin, V Pankratov, A Popov, L Shirmane
Open Physics 9 (2), 432-437, 2011
A novel model for F+ to F photoconversion in corundum crystals
EA Kotomin, AI Popov, A Stashans
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 6 (38), L569, 1994
Luminescence of nano-and macrosized LaPO 4: Ce, Tb excited by synchrotron radiation
V Pankratov, AI Popov, A Kotlov, C Feldmann
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Photoconversion of F+ centers in neutron-irradiated MgO
MA Monge, R Gonzalez, JEM Santiuste, R Pareja, Y Chen, EA Kotomin, ...
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2000
Tracks induced in TeO 2 by heavy ions at low velocities
G Szenes, F Pászti, Á Péter, AI Popov
Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section B: Beam …, 2000
Photo-and thermo-stimulated luminescence of CsI—Tl crystal after UV light irradiation at 80 K
SA Chernov, L Trinkler, AI Popov
Radiation effects and defects in solids 143 (4), 345-355, 1998
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