Sattar Al-Kabi
Sattar Al-Kabi
Wasit University
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An optically pumped 2.5 μm GeSn laser on Si operating at 110 K
S Al-Kabi, SA Ghetmiri, J Margetis, T Pham, Y Zhou, W Dou, B Collier, ...
Applied Physics Letters 109 (17), 171105, 2016
Si-based GeSn lasers with wavelength coverage of 2–3 μm and operating temperatures up to 180 K
J Margetis, S Al-Kabi, W Du, W Dou, Y Zhou, T Pham, P Grant, S Ghetmiri, ...
ACs Photonics 5 (3), 827-833, 2017
Systematic study of GeSn heterostructure-based light-emitting diodes towards mid-infrared applications
Y Zhou, W Dou, W Du, T Pham, SA Ghetmiri, S Al-Kabi, A Mosleh, M Alher, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 120 (2), 023102, 2016
Study of low-defect and strain-relaxed GeSn growth via reduced pressure CVD in H2 and N2 carrier gas
J Margetis, A Mosleh, S Al-Kabi, SA Ghetmiri, W Du, W Dou, M Benamara, ...
Journal of Crystal Growth 463, 128-133, 2017
Investigation of GeSn strain relaxation and spontaneous composition gradient for low-defect and high-Sn alloy growth
W Dou, M Benamara, A Mosleh, J Margetis, P Grant, Y Zhou, S Al-Kabi, ...
Scientific reports 8 (1), 1-11, 2018
Study of a SiGeSn/GeSn/SiGeSn structure toward direct bandgap type-I quantum well for all group-IV optoelectronics
SA Ghetmiri, Y Zhou, J Margetis, S Al-Kabi, W Dou, A Mosleh, W Du, ...
Optics letters 42 (3), 387-390, 2017
Optically pumped lasing at 3 μm from compositionally graded GeSn with tin up to 22.3%
W Dou, Y Zhou, J Margetis, SA Ghetmiri, S Al-Kabi, W Du, J Liu, G Sun, ...
Optics letters 43 (19), 4558-4561, 2018
Optical Characterization of Si-Based Ge1−xSnx Alloys with Sn Compositions up to 12%
S Al-Kabi, SA Ghetmiri, J Margetis, W Du, A Mosleh, M Alher, W Dou, ...
Journal of Electronic Materials 45 (4), 2133-2141, 2016
Fundamentals of Ge1− xSnx and SiyGe1− x-ySnx RPCVD epitaxy
J Margetis, A Mosleh, SA Ghetmiri, S Al-Kabi, W Dou, W Du, N Bhargava, ...
Materials Science in Semiconductor Processing 70, 38-43, 2017
Investigation of optical transitions in a SiGeSn/GeSn/SiGeSn single quantum well structure
W Du, SA Ghetmiri, J Margetis, S Al-Kabi, Y Zhou, J Liu, G Sun, RA Soref, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 122 (12), 123102, 2017
Structural and optical characteristics of GeSn quantum wells for silicon-based mid-infrared optoelectronic applications
W Dou, SA Ghetmiri, S Al-Kabi, A Mosleh, Y Zhou, B Alharthi, W Du, ...
Journal of Electronic Materials 45 (12), 6265-6272, 2016
Study of High-Quality GeSn Alloys Grown by Chemical Vapor Deposition towards Mid-Infrared Applications
S Al-Kabi, SA Ghetmiri, J Margetis, W Du, A Mosleh, W Dou, G Sun, ...
Journal of Electronic Materials 45 (12), 6251-6257, 2016
SiyGe1−x−ySnx films grown on Si using a cold-wall ultrahigh-vacuum chemical vapor deposition system
A Mosleh, M Alher, W Du, LC Cousar, SA Ghetmiri, S Al-Kabi, W Dou, ...
Journal of Vacuum Science & Technology B, Nanotechnology and …, 2016
Si-based GeSn photodetectors toward mid-infrared imaging applications
H Tran, T Pham, J Margetis, Y Zhou, W Dou, PC Grant, JM Grant, ...
ACS Photonics 6 (11), 2807-2815, 2019
Buffer-Free GeSn and SiGeSn Growth on Si Substrate Using In Situ SnD4 Gas Mixing
A Mosleh, M Alher, LC Cousar, W Du, SA Ghetmiri, S Al-Kabi, W Dou, ...
Journal of Electronic Materials 45 (4), 2051-2058, 2016
Enhancement of material quality of (Si) GeSn films grown by SnCl4 precursor
A Mosleh, MA Alher, L Cousar, H Abusafe, W Dou, P Grant, S Al-Kabi, ...
ECS Transactions 69 (5), 279, 2015
Si based GeSn light emitter: mid-infrared devices in Si photonics
SQ Yu, SA Ghetmiri, W Du, J Margetis, Y Zhou, A Mosleh, S Al-Kabi, ...
Silicon Photonics X 9367, 93670R, 2015
GePb alloy growth using layer inversion method
H Alahmad, A Mosleh, M Alher, SF Banihashemian, SA Ghetmiri, ...
Journal of Electronic Materials 47 (7), 3733-3740, 2018
Development of SiGeSn Technique Towards Mid-Infrared Devices in Silicon Photonics
W Du, S Al-Kabi, S Ghetmiri, H Tran, T Pham, B Alharthi, A Mosleh, ...
ECS Transactions 75 (8), 231, 2016
Study of material and optical properties of SixGe1-x-ySny alloys for Si-based optoelectronic device applications
B Alharthi, J Margetis, H Tran, S Al-kabi, W Dou, SA Ghetmiri, A Mosleh, ...
Optical Materials Express 7 (10), 3517-3528, 2017
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