Varvara Tsironi
Varvara Tsironi
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Подтвержден адрес электронной почты в домене
Preliminary report of mw7. 3 sarpol-e zahab, iran earthquake on november 12, 2017
M Zare, F Kamranzad, I Parcharidis, V Tsironi
EMSC report, 1-10, 2017
A preliminary report on the M7. 5 Palu earthquake co-seismic ruptures and landslides using image correlation techniques on optical satellite data
S Valkaniotis, A Ganas, V Tsironi, A Barberopoulou
Zenodo: Genève, Switzerland, 2018
Rupture kinematics of 2020 January 24 Mw 6.7 Doğanyol-Sivrice, Turkey earthquake on the East Anatolian Fault Zone imaged by space geodesy
D Melgar, A Ganas, T Taymaz, S Valkaniotis, BW Crowell, V Kapetanidis, ...
Geophysical Journal International 223 (2), 862-874, 2020
Ground deformation and seismic fault model of the M6. 4 Durres (Albania) Nov. 26, 2019 earthquake, based on GNSS/INSAR observations
A Ganas, P Elias, P Briole, F Cannavo, S Valkaniotis, V Tsironi, ...
Geosciences 10 (6), 210, 2020
The 25 October 2018 Mw= 6.7 Zakynthos earthquake (Ionian Sea, Greece): A low-angle fault model based on GNSS data, relocated seismicity, small tsunami and implications for the …
A Ganas, P Briole, G Bozionelos, A Barberopoulou, P Elias, V Tsironi, ...
Journal of Geodynamics 137, 101731, 2020
A 20-yr database (1997-2017) of co-seismic displacements from GPS recordings in the Aegean area and their scaling with Mw and hypocentral distance
A Ganas, N Andritsou, C Kosma, P Argyrakis, V Tsironi, G Drakatos
Bulletin of the Geological Society of Greece 52 (1), 98-130, 2018
The October 25, 2018 M6. 7 Zakynthos earthquake sequence (Ionian Sea, Greece): fault modelling from seismic and GNSS data and implications for seismic strain release along the …
A Ganas, P Briole, G Bozionelos, P Elias, S Valkaniotis, V Tsironi, ...
Bull. Geological Society of Greece, Special Publication 7, 602-603, 2019
Fault responsible for Samos earthquake identified. Temblor
A Ganas, P Elias, P Briole, V Tsironi, S Valkaniotis, J Escartin, I Karasante, ...
Source Mechanism and Rupture Process of the 24 January 2020 Mw 6.7 Doğanyol–Sivrice Earthquake obtained from Seismological Waveform Analysis and Space Geodetic Observations on …
T Taymaz, A Ganas, S Yolsal-Çevikbilen, F Vera, T Eken, C Erman, ...
Tectonophysics, 228745, 2021
Petrinja earthquake moved crust 10 feet, Temblor
A Ganas, P Elias, S Valkaniotis, V Tsironi, I Karasante, P Briole
The Mw= 5.6 Kanallaki Earthquake of 21 March 2020 in West Epirus, Greece: Reverse Fault Model from InSAR Data and Seismotectonic Implications for Apulia-Eurasia Collision
S Valkaniotis, P Briole, A Ganas, P Elias, V Kapetanidis, V Tsironi, ...
Geosciences 10 (11), 454, 2020
Design and implementation of the seismotectonic Atlas of Greece v1. 0
I Kassaras, V Kapetanidis, A Ganas, A Tzanis, P Papadimitriou, ...
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 2220, 2020
Co-seismic deformation and preliminary fault model of the M6. 4 Durres (Albania) Nov. 26, 2019 earthquake, based on space geodesy observations
A Ganas, V Tsironi, F Cannavo, P Briole, P Elias, S Valkaniotis, ...
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 8478, 2020
Tectonic Strain distribution over Europe from EPN data.
D Anastasiou, A Ganas, J Legrand, C Bruyninx, X Papanikolaou, V Tsironi, ...
Geophysical Research Abstracts 21, 2019
The Katouna Fault Zone,(Western Greece): a multidisciplinary study combining structural observations and space-based multi-temporal SAR interferometry
V Tsironi, K Soukis, I Parcharidis, S Lozios
EGU General Assembly Conference Abstracts, 16303, 2018
Richard Mitnick
A Ganas, ΕΑΑ BE, P Elias, P Briole, V Tsironi, S Valkaniotis, GJ Escartin, ...
Athanassios Ganas, Varvara Tsironi, Aggeliki Barberopoulou
S Valkaniotis
Recent East Mediterranean shallow earthquakes seen by space geodesy. The cases of Gulpinar, Lesvos, Kos and Zakynthos earthquakes
P Elias, A Ganas, P Briole, S Valkaniotis, P Kourkouli, V Tsironi, ...
Kos (Gökova Gulf) 1000, 6.6, 0
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