Todd M Everson
Todd M Everson
Assistant Professor, Emory University
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Maternal BMI at the start of pregnancy and offspring epigenome-wide DNA methylation: findings from the pregnancy and childhood epigenetics (PACE) consortium
GC Sharp, LA Salas, C Monnereau, C Allard, P Yousefi, TM Everson, ...
Human molecular genetics 26 (20), 4067-4085, 2017
Prognostic impact of definitive local therapy of the primary tumor in men with metastatic prostate cancer at diagnosis: a population-based, propensity score analysis
S Antwi, TM Everson
Cancer epidemiology 38 (4), 435-441, 2014
Cohort profile: pregnancy and childhood epigenetics (PACE) consortium
JF Felix, BR Joubert, AA Baccarelli, GC Sharp, C Almqvist, ...
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Epigenetic mechanisms and models in the origins of asthma
W Karmaus, AH Ziyab, T Everson, JW Holloway
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Association of season of birth with DNA methylation and allergic disease
GA Lockett, N Soto‐Ramírez, MA Ray, TM Everson, CJ Xu, VK Patil, ...
Allergy 71 (9), 1314-1324, 2016
The interplay of DNA methylation over time with Th2 pathway genetic variants on asthma risk and temporal asthma transition
H Zhang, X Tong, JW Holloway, FI Rezwan, GA Lockett, V Patil, M Ray, ...
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Cadmium-associated differential methylation throughout the placental genome: epigenome-wide association study of two US birth cohorts
TM Everson, T Punshon, BP Jackson, K Hao, L Lambertini, J Chen, ...
Environmental health perspectives 126 (1), 017010, 2018
DNA methylation loci associated with atopy and high serum IgE: a genome-wide application of recursive Random Forest feature selection
TM Everson, G Lyons, H Zhang, N Soto-Ramírez, GA Lockett, VK Patil, ...
Genome medicine 7 (1), 89, 2015
Genome-wide DNA methylation at birth in relation to in utero arsenic exposure and the associated health in later life
A Kaushal, H Zhang, WJJ Karmaus, TM Everson, CJ Marsit, MR Karagas, ...
Environmental Health 16 (1), 1-11, 2017
Meta-analysis of epigenome-wide association studies in neonates reveals widespread differential DNA methylation associated with birthweight
LK Küpers, C Monnereau, GC Sharp, P Yousefi, LA Salas, A Ghantous, ...
Nature communications 10 (1), 1-11, 2019
Placental imprinting variation associated with assisted reproductive technologies and subfertility
JF Litzky, MA Deyssenroth, TM Everson, DA Armstrong, L Lambertini, ...
Epigenetics 12 (8), 653-661, 2017
Maternal exposure to selenium and cadmium, fetal growth, and placental expression of steroidogenic and apoptotic genes
TM Everson, M Kappil, K Hao, BP Jackson, T Punshon, MR Karagas, ...
Environmental research 158, 233-244, 2017
Trihalomethane exposure and biomonitoring for the liver injury indicator, alanine aminotransferase, in the United States population (NHANES 1999–2006)
JB Burch, TM Everson, RK Seth, MD Wirth, S Chatterjee
Science of the Total Environment 521, 226-234, 2015
Maternal cadmium, placental PCDHAC1, and fetal development
TM Everson, DA Armstrong, BP Jackson, BB Green, MR Karagas, ...
Reproductive Toxicology 65, 263-271, 2016
Identifying CpG sites associated with eczema via random forest screening of epigenome-scale DNA methylation
BM Quraishi, H Zhang, TM Everson, M Ray, GA Lockett, JW Holloway, ...
Clinical epigenetics 7 (1), 68, 2015
Epigenome-wide analysis identifies genes and pathways linked to neurobehavioral variation in preterm infants
TM Everson, CJ Marsit, TM O’Shea, A Burt, K Hermetz, BS Carter, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-13, 2019
Forensic Epidemiologic and Biomechanical Analysis of a Pelvic Cavity Blowout Injury Associated with Ejection from a Personal Watercraft (Jet‐Ski)
MD Freeman, TM Everson, SS Kohles
Journal of forensic sciences 58 (1), 237-244, 2013
Mediation by placental DNA methylation of the association of prenatal maternal smoking and birth weight
A Cardenas, SM Lutz, TM Everson, P Perron, L Bouchard, MF Hivert
American Journal of Epidemiology 188 (11), 1878-1886, 2019
Prenatal exposure to maternal depression and anxiety on imprinted gene expression in placenta and infant neurodevelopment and growth
JF Litzky, MA Deyssenroth, TM Everson, BM Lester, L Lambertini, J Chen, ...
Pediatric research 83 (5), 1075-1083, 2018
Placental expression of imprinted genes, overall and in sex-specific patterns, associated with placental cadmium concentrations and birth size
TM Everson, C Marable, MA Deyssenroth, T Punshon, BP Jackson, ...
Environmental health perspectives 127 (5), 057005, 2019
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