Gunter Siegmund
Gunter Siegmund
Director of Research, MEA Forensic Engineers & Scientists; Adjunct Professor, UBC School of
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Cervical muscle response during whiplash: evidence of a lengthening muscle contraction
JR Brault, GP Siegmund, JB Wheeler
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Clinical response of human subjects to rear-end automobile collisions
JR Brault, JB Wheeler, GP Siegmund, EJ Brault
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GP Siegmund, BS Myers, MB Davis, HF Bohnet, BA Winkelstein
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Head and neck anthropometry, vertebral geometry and neck strength in height-matched men and women
AN Vasavada, J Danaraj, GP Siegmund
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Head/neck kinematic response of human subjects in low-speed rear-end collisions
GP Siegmund, DJ King, JM Lawrence, JB Wheeler, JR Brault, TA Smith
SAE transactions, 3877-3905, 1997
Rapid neck muscle adaptation alters the head kinematics of aware and unaware subjects undergoing multiple whiplash-like perturbations
GP Siegmund, DJ Sanderson, BS Myers, JT Inglis
Journal of biomechanics 36 (4), 473-482, 2003
Awareness affects the response of human subjects exposed to a single whiplash-like perturbation
GP Siegmund, DJ Sanderson, BS Myers, JT Inglis
Spine 28 (7), 671-679, 2003
Adaptations to normal human gait on potentially slippery surfaces: the effects of awareness and prior slip experience
TL Heiden, DJ Sanderson, JT Inglis, GP Siegmund
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Startle response of human neck muscles sculpted by readiness to perform ballistic head movements
GP Siegmund, JT Inglis, DJ Sanderson
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The anatomy and biomechanics of acute and chronic whiplash injury
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The role of tissue damage in whiplash associated disorders: discussion paper 1
M Curatolo, N Bogduk, PC Ivancic, SA McLean, GP Siegmund, ...
Spine 36 (25 Suppl), S309, 2011
Neural control of superficial and deep neck muscles in humans
JS Blouin, GP Siegmund, MG Carpenter, JT Inglis
Journal of neurophysiology 98 (2), 920-928, 2007
Laboratory validation of two wearable sensor systems for measuring head impact severity in football players
GP Siegmund, KM Guskiewicz, SW Marshall, AL DeMarco, SJ Bonin
Annals of biomedical engineering 44 (4), 1257-1274, 2016
Electromyography of superficial and deep neck muscles during isometric, voluntary, and reflex contractions
GP Siegmund, JS Blouin, JR Brault, S Hedenstierna, JT Inglis
The impact of hands-free message reception/response on driving task performance
PJ Cooper, Y Zheng, C Richard, J Vavrik, B Heinrichs, G Siegmund
Accident Analysis & Prevention 35 (1), 23-35, 2003
Ventilation and locomotion coupling in varsity male rowers
GP Siegmund, MR Edwards, KS Moore, DA Tiessen, DJ Sanderson, ...
Journal of Applied Physiology 87 (1), 233-242, 1999
The influence of cervical muscle characteristics on head impact biomechanics in football
JD Schmidt, KM Guskiewicz, JT Blackburn, JP Mihalik, GP Siegmund, ...
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Task, muscle and frequency dependent vestibular control of posture
PA Forbes, GP Siegmund, AC Schouten, JS Blouin
Frontiers in integrative neuroscience 8, 94, 2015
Startle responses elicited by whiplash perturbations
JS Blouin, JT Inglis, GP Siegmund
The Journal of physiology 573 (3), 857-867, 2006
Musculotendon and fascicle strains in anterior and posterior neck muscles during whiplash injury
AN Vasavada, JR Brault, GP Siegmund
Spine 32 (7), 756-765, 2007
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