Debanjan Polley
Debanjan Polley
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EMI shielding and conductivity of carbon nanotube-polymer composites at terahertz frequency
D Polley, A Barman, RK Mitra
Optics letters 39 (6), 1541-1544, 2014
Polarizing effect of aligned nanoparticles in terahertz frequency region
D Polley, A Ganguly, A Barman, RK Mitra
Optics letters 38 (15), 2754-2756, 2013
Dielectric relaxation of the extended hydration sheathe of DNA in the THz frequency region
D Polley, A Patra, RK Mitra
Chemical Physics Letters 586, 143-147, 2013
Magnetization reversal dynamics in Co nanowires with competing magnetic anisotropies
S Pal, S Saha, D Polley, A Barman
Solid state communications 151 (24), 1994-1998, 2011
THz-driven demagnetization with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy: towards ultrafast ballistic switching
D Polley, M Pancaldi, M Hudl, P Vavassori, S Urazhdin, S Bonetti
Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics 51 (8), 084001, 2018
Controllable terahertz conductivity in single walled carbon nanotube/polymer composites
D Polley, A Barman, RK Mitra
Journal of Applied Physics 117 (2), 023115, 2015
Inertial spin dynamics in ferromagnets
K Neeraj, N Awari, S Kovalev, D Polley, NZ Hagström, SSPK Arekapudi, ...
Nature Physics, 1-6, 2020
Terahertz magnetic field enhancement in an asymmetric spiral metamaterial
D Polley, NZ Hagström, C von Korff Schmising, S Eisebitt, S Bonetti
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics 51 (22), 224001, 2018
Ultrafast dynamics and THz oscillation in [Co/Pd] 8 multilayers
S Pal, D Polley, RK Mitra, A Barman
Solid State Communications 221, 50-54, 2015
Diameter-dependent shielding effectiveness and terahertz conductivity of multiwalled carbon nanotubes
D Polley, K Neeraj, A Barman, RK Mitra
JOSA B 33 (12), 2430-2436, 2016
Efficient terahertz anti-reflection properties of metallic anti-dot structures
K Neeraj, S Choudhury, D Polley, R Acharya, J Sinha, A Barman, ...
Optics letters 42 (9), 1764-1767, 2017
Modulating conductivity of Au/CNT composites in THz frequency range: a THz resistor
D Polley, A Patra, A Barman, RK Mitra
2014 39th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz …, 2014
Terahertz conductivity engineering in surface decorated carbon nanotube films by gold nanoparticles
D Polley, A Patra, A Barman, RK Mitra
Applied Optics 56 (4), 1107-1112, 2017
Nickel nanochain composite: An improved terahertz shielding material
D Polley, A Barh, A Barman, RK Mitra
2015 IEEE Applied Electromagnetics Conference (AEMC), 1-2, 2015
Manipulating Terahertz Radiation Using Nanostructures
D Polley
University of Calcutta, 2016
Controlling terahertz conductivity in SWNT/polymer composite
D Polley, A Barman, RK Mitra
2015 40th International Conference on Infrared, Millimeter, and Terahertz …, 2015
Fabrication and Characterization of 2-D Magnetic Antidot Arrays for Application in Magnonic Crystals
N Porwal, P Laha, S Pal, D Polley, A Barman
International Conference on Fibre Optics and Photonics, M4A. 71, 2014
Frequency dependence of THz induced ultrafast demagnetization dynamics in amorphous ferromagnetic films
N Awari, M Hudl, D Polley, S Kovalev, M Gensch, S Bonetti
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