Robert Hicken
Robert Hicken
Подтвержден адрес электронной почты в домене
Arithmetic and biologically‐inspired computing using phase‐change materials
CD Wright, Y Liu, KI Kohary, MM Aziz, RJ Hicken
Advanced Materials 23 (30), 3408-3413, 2011
Continuous evolution of the in‐plane magnetic anisotropies with thickness in epitaxial Fe films
M Gester, C Daboo, RJ Hicken, SJ Gray, A Ercole, JAC Bland
Journal of applied physics 80 (1), 347-355, 1996
Magnonics: Experiment to prove the concept
VV Kruglyak, RJ Hicken
Journal of Magnetism and Magnetic Materials 306 (2), 191-194, 2006
Anisotropy and orientational dependence of magnetization reversal processes in epitaxial ferromagnetic thin films
C Daboo, RJ Hicken, E Gu, M Gester, SJ Gray, DEP Eley, E Ahmad, ...
Physical Review B 51 (22), 15964, 1995
Imaging collective magnonic modes in 2D arrays of magnetic nanoelements
VV Kruglyak, PS Keatley, A Neudert, RJ Hicken, JR Childress, JA Katine
Physical Review Letters 104 (2), 027201, 2010
Picosecond magnetization dynamics in nanomagnets: Crossover to nonuniform precession
VV Kruglyak, A Barman, RJ Hicken, JR Childress, JA Katine
Physical Review B 71 (22), 220409, 2005
Vectorial magnetometry with the magneto-optic Kerr effect applied to Co/Cu/Co trilayer structures
C Daboo, JAC Bland, RJ Hicken, AJR Ives, MJ Baird, MJ Walker
Physical review B 47 (18), 11852, 1993
Time-resolved investigation of magnetization dynamics of arrays of nonellipsoidal nanomagnets with nonuniform ground states
PS Keatley, VV Kruglyak, A Neudert, EA Galaktionov, RJ Hicken, ...
Physical Review B 78 (21), 214412, 2008
Imaging the dephasing of spin wave modes in a square thin film magnetic element
A Barman, VV Kruglyak, RJ Hicken, JM Rowe, A Kundrotaite, J Scott, ...
Physical Review B 69 (17), 174426, 2004
Optically induced magnetization dynamics and variation of damping parameter in epitaxial Heusler alloy films
Y Liu, LR Shelford, VV Kruglyak, RJ Hicken, Y Sakuraba, M Oogane, ...
Physical Review B 81 (9), 094402, 2010
Excitation of propagating spin waves with global uniform microwave fields
Y Au, T Davison, E Ahmad, PS Keatley, RJ Hicken, VV Kruglyak
Applied Physics Letters 98 (12), 122506, 2011
Influence of exchange-coupled anisotropies on spin-wave frequencies in magnetic layered systems: Application to Co/CoO
RL Stamps, RE Camley, RJ Hicken
Physical Review B 54 (6), 4159, 1996
Interfacial structure and half-metallic ferromagnetism in -based magnetic tunnel junctions
ND Telling, PS Keatley, G van der Laan, RJ Hicken, E Arenholz, ...
Physical Review B 74 (22), 224439, 2006
Magnetization reversal processes in epitaxial Fe/GaAs (001) films
C Daboo, RJ Hicken, DEP Eley, M Gester, SJ Gray, AJR Ives, JAC Bland
Journal of Applied Physics 75 (10), 5586-5588, 1994
Evidence of local moment formation in Co-based Heusler alloys
ND Telling, PS Keatley, G van der Laan, RJ Hicken, E Arenholz, ...
Physical Review B 78 (18), 184438, 2008
Anisotropy, damping, and coherence of magnetization dynamics in a 10 μm square element
A Barman, VV Kruglyak, RJ Hicken, A Kundrotaite, M Rahman
Applied Physics Letters 82 (18), 3065-3067, 2003
Crystallization of Ge2Sb2Te5 films by amplified femtosecond optical pulses
Y Liu, MM Aziz, A Shalini, CD Wright, RJ Hicken
Journal of applied physics 112 (12), 123526, 2012
Theory of magnetic surface anisotropy and exchange effects in the Brillouin scattering of light by magnetostatic spin waves
GT Rado, RJ Hicken
Journal of applied physics 63 (8), 3885-3889, 1988
Spin waves in a periodically layered magnetic nanowire
VV Kruglyak, RJ Hicken, AN Kuchko, VY Gorobets
Journal of applied physics 98 (1), 014304, 2005
Direct detection of pure ac spin current by x-ray pump-probe measurements
J Li, LR Shelford, P Shafer, A Tan, JX Deng, PS Keatley, C Hwang, ...
Physical review letters 117 (7), 076602, 2016
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