Samadhan Bhaulal Patil
Samadhan Bhaulal Patil
London Centre for Nanotechnology, University College London
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Quantitative sub-surface and non-contact imaging using scanning microwave microscopy
G Gramse, E Brinciotti, A Lucibello, SB Patil, M Kasper, C Rankl, ...
Nanotechnology 26 (13), 135701, 2015
Hybrid magnetoresistive∕microelectromechanical devices for static field modulation and sensor noise cancellation
A Guedes, SB Patil, S Cardoso, V Chu, JP Conde, PP Freitas
Journal of Applied Physics 103 (7), 07E924, 2008
Photoluminescent, wide-bandgap a-SiC: H alloy films deposited by Cat-CVD using acetylene
A Kumbhar, SB Patil, S Kumar, R Lal, RO Dusane
Thin Solid Films 395 (1-2), 244-248, 2001
Performance of thin film silicon MEMS on flexible plastic substrates
SB Patil, V Chu, JP Conde
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 144 (1), 201-206, 2008
Low temperature silicon nitride deposited by Cat-CVD for deep sub-micron metal–oxide–semiconductor devices
SB Patil, A Kumbhar, P Waghmare, VR Rao, RO Dusane
Thin Solid Films 395 (1-2), 270-274, 2001
Revisiting the B-factor variation in a-SiC: H deposited by HWCVD
BP Swain, SB Patil, A Kumbhar, RO Dusane
Thin Solid Films 430 (1-2), 186-188, 2003
Hybrid magnetic tunnel junction-MEMS high frequency field modulator for 1/f noise suppression
A Guedes, SB Patil, P Wisniowski, V Chu, JP Conde, PP Freitas
IEEE Transactions on Magnetics 44 (11), 2554-2557, 2008
Decoupling competing surface binding kinetics and reconfiguration of receptor footprint for ultrasensitive stress assays
SB Patil, M Vögtli, B Webb, G Mazza, M Pinzani, YA Soh, RA McKendry, ...
Nature nanotechnology 10 (10), 899-907, 2015
Preliminary results on a-SiC: H based thin film light emitting diode by hot wire CVD
SB Patil, AA Kumbhar, S Saraswat, RO Dusane
Thin solid films 430 (1-2), 257-260, 2003
On-chip magnetoresistive detection of resonance in microcantilevers
SB Patil, A Guedes, PP Freitas, S Cardoso, V Chu, JP Conde
Applied Physics Letters 95 (2), 023502, 2009
Hot-wire CVD growth simulation for thickness uniformity
JV Sali, SB Patil, SR Jadkar, MG Takwale
Thin Solid Films 395 (1-2), 66-70, 2001
Thin film silicon MEMS microresonators fabricated by hot-wire chemical vapor deposition
SB Patil, T Adrega, V Chu, JP Conde
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 16 (12), 2730, 2006
Highly conducting doped poly-Si deposited by hot wire CVD and its applicability as gate material for CMOS devices
SB Patil, AV Vairagar, AA Kumbhar, LK Sahu, VR Rao, N Venkatramani, ...
Thin solid films 430 (1-2), 63-66, 2003
Comparison of the mechanical and resonance properties of thin film silicon MEMS fabricated at 110 and 250° C
SB Patil, V Chu, JP Conde
Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering 19 (2), 025018, 2009
Surface mediated cooperative interactions of drugs enhance mechanical forces for antibiotic action
JW Ndieyira, J Bailey, SB Patil, M Vögtli, MA Cooper, C Abell, ...
Scientific reports 7 (1), 1-15, 2017
Strong temperature dependence of extraordinary magnetoresistance correlated to mobility in a two-contact device
J Sun, SB Patil, YA Soh, J Kosel
Applied Physics Express 5 (3), 033002, 2012
An integrated portable system for single chip simultaneous measurement of multiple disease associated metabolites
SB Patil, DS Dheeman, MA Al-Rawhani, S Velugotla, B Nagy, BC Cheah, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 122, 88-94, 2018
Anhydrous silanization and antibody immobilization on hotwire CVD deposited silicon oxynitride films
M Joshi, S Singh, B Swain, S Patil, R Dusane, R Rao, S Mukherji
Proceedings of the IEEE INDICON 2004. First India Annual Conference, 2004 …, 2004
Ultra-thin silicon nitride by hot wire chemical vapor deposition (HWCVD) for deep sub-micron CMOS technologies
PC Waghmare, SB Patil, A Kumbhar, RO Dusane, VR Rao
Microelectronic engineering 61, 625-629, 2002
Commercial aspects of biosensors for diagnostics and environmental monitoring
SB Patil, VF Annese, DRS Cumming
Advances in Nanosensors for Biological and Environmental Analysis, 133-142, 2019
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