Galyna Skibo
Galyna Skibo
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PSA–NCAM is required for activity-induced synaptic plasticity
D Muller, C Wang, G Skibo, N Toni, H Cremer, V Calaora, G Rougon, ...
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A synthetic neural cell adhesion molecule mimetic peptide promotes synaptogenesis, enhances presynaptic function, and facilitates memory consolidation
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A synthetic NCAM‐derived peptide, FGL, protects hippocampal neurons from ischemic insult both in vitro and in vivo
GG Skibo, IV Lushnikova, KY Voronin, O Dmitrieva, T Novikova, ...
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Tenascin‐R–deficient mice show structural alterations of symmetric perisomatic synapses in the CA1 region of the hippocampus
A Nikonenko, S Schmidt, G Skibo, G Brückner, M Schachner
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Store-operated Ca2+ entry in astrocytes: different spatial arrangement of endoplasmic reticulum explains functional diversity in vitro and in situ
T Pivneva, B Haas, D Reyes-Haro, G Laube, RW Veh, C Nolte, G Skibo, ...
Cell calcium 43 (6), 591-601, 2008
Increased immunogold labelling of neural cell adhesion molecule isoforms in synaptic active zones of the chick striatum 5–6 hours after one-trial passive avoidance training
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Neurotropic and trophic action of lion's mane mushroom Hericium erinaceus (Bull.: Fr.) Pers.(Aphyllophoromycetideae) extracts on nerve cells in vitro
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Microglia in organotypic hippocampal slice culture and effects of hypoxia: ultrastructure and lipocortin-1 immunoreactivity
GG Skibo, IR Nikonenko, VL Savchenko, JA McKanna
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Fibroblast growth factor‐2 overexpression in transplanted neural progenitors promotes perivascular cluster formation with a neurogenic potential
B Jenny, M Kanemitsu, O Tsupykov, G Potter, P Salmon, E Zgraggen, ...
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TN Kovalenko, GA Ushakova, I Osadchenko, GG Skibo, SG Pierzynowski
Journal of physiology and pharmacology 62 (2), 239, 2011
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