Dong Jin Shin
Dong Jin Shin
Postdoctoral Fellow at Johns Hopkins University
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Accelerating bacterial growth detection and antimicrobial susceptibility assessment in integrated picoliter droplet platform
AM Kaushik, K Hsieh, L Chen, DJ Shin, JC Liao, TH Wang
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 97, 260-266, 2017
Topography-assisted electromagnetic platform for blood-to-PCR in a droplet
CH Chiou, DJ Shin, Y Zhang, TH Wang
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Mobile nucleic acid amplification testing (mobiNAAT) for Chlamydia trachomatis screening in hospital emergency department settings
DJ Shin, P Athamanolap, L Chen, J Hardick, M Lewis, YH Hsieh, ...
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Point-of-care sexually transmitted infection diagnostics: Proceedings of the STAR sexually transmitted infection—clinical trial group programmatic meeting
AD Cristillo, CC Bristow, R Peeling, B Van Der Pol, SH De Cortina, ...
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Trainable high resolution melt curve machine learning classifier for large-scale reliable genotyping of sequence variants
P Athamanolap, V Parekh, SI Fraley, V Agarwal, DJ Shin, MA Jacobs, ...
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Magnetic droplet manipulation platforms for nucleic acid detection at the point of care
DJ Shin, TH Wang
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Sample-to-answer droplet magnetofluidic platform for point-of-care hepatitis C viral load quantitation
DJ Shin, AY Trick, YH Hsieh, DL Thomas, TH Wang
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Novel droplet platforms for the detection of disease biomarkers
H Zec, DJ Shin, TH Wang
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Serial dilution via surface energy trap-assisted magnetic droplet manipulation
Y Zhang, DJ Shin, TH Wang
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A droplet microfluidic approach to single-stream nucleic acid isolation and mutation detection
DJ Shin, Y Zhang, TH Wang
Microfluidics and nanofluidics 17 (2), 425-430, 2014
Emerging analytical techniques for rapid pathogen identification and susceptibility testing
DJ Shin, N Andini, K Hsieh, S Yang, TH Wang
Annual review of analytical chemistry (Palo Alto, Calif.) 12 (1), 41, 2019
A parallelized microfluidic DNA bisulfite conversion module for streamlined methylation analysis
A Stark, DJ Shin, TR Pisanic II, K Hsieh, TH Wang
Biomedical Microdevices 18 (1), 5, 2016
Direct-qPCR Assay for Coupled Identification and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing of Neisseria gonorrhoeae
L Chen, DJ Shin, S Zheng, JH Melendez, CA Gaydos, TH Wang
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Droplet array platform for high-resolution melt analysis of DNA methylation density
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A sample-to-answer droplet magnetofluidic assay platform for quantitative methylation-specific PCR
A Stark, DJ Shin, TH Wang
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Biosens. Bioelectron
CH Chiou, DJ Shin, Y Zhang, TH Wang
b, 2013
Healthcare worker feedback on a prototype smartphone-based point-of-care test platform for use in episodic care
DJ Shin, M Lewis, YH Hsieh, NA Rahmoun, CA Gaydos, TH Wang, ...
Point of care 17 (2), 63, 2018
Self-contained cartridge and methods for integrated biochemical assay at the point-of-care
TH Wang, DJ Shin
US Patent 9,463,461, 2016
Ratiometric Multiplexed PCR Assay on a Portable Platform for Bacterial Identification from Urine
FE Chen, AY Trick, W Hsieh, DJ Shin, L Chen, E Chang, A Kaushik, ...
2019 20th International Conference on Solid-State Sensors, Actuators and …, 2019
Droplet bisulfite conversion platform for epigenetic cancer biomarker detection
DJ Shin, A Stark, TH Wang
2013 Transducers & Eurosensors XXVII: The 17th International Conference on …, 2013
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