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Assessment of availability, accessibility, and affordability of magnetic resonance imaging services in Ghana
GPN Piersson A.D.
Radiography, 2017
A national survey of MRI safety practices in Ghana
AD Piersson, PN Gorleku
Heliyon 3 (12), e00480, 2017
Bony injuries in trauma patients diagnosed by radiological examination
G Amponsah, PN Gorleku
Ghana medical journal 49 (2), 97-101, 2015
Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis: A survey of the use of Gadolinium-based contrast agents in Ghana.
GPN Piersson A.D.
Radiography, 2017
Лучевая диагностика очаговых поражений печени
ФН Горлеку
Международный медицинский журнал, 2007
An audit of clinical practice, referral patterns, and appropriateness of clinical indications for brain MRI examinations: A single-centre study in Ghana
PG A. Piersson, G. Nunoo
Radiography, 2017
The use of gadolinium-based contrast agents in Ghana with a focus on residual intracranial gadolinium deposition
PAD Gorleku P.N.
Radiography 30, 1-5, 2017
Perception of Ghanaian Primigravidas Undergoing Their First Antenatal Ultrasonography in Cape Coast
EKM Edzie, K Dzefi-Tettey, PN Gorleku, JW Ampofo, AD Piersson, ...
Radiology Research and Practice 2020, 2020
Computed tomography estimation of the prevalence of neuro-ophthalmic injuries in head trauma patients seen in a tertiary health facility in Ghana
PN Gorleku, EK Edzie, K Dzefi-Tettey, J Setorglo, AD Piersson, ...
Heliyon 6 (6), e04200, 2020
Perception of Body Image and Dietary Habit Among Adults Aged 20–45 Years at Sunyani Metropolis
J Setorglo, PN Gorleku, K Roselyn, KKA Pereko
Current Developments in Nutrition 4 (Supplement_2), 277-277, 2020
Assessment of Effectiveness of Problem Based Learning Pedagogical Approach in Radiography Education in a Tertiary Institution in Ghana
P Gorleku, J Setorglo, E Edzie, A Piersson, I Ofori, J Ampofo, S Nyarko
Universal Journal of Educational Research 8 (3), 1108 - 1117, 2020
Timely Initiation and Exclusive Breastfeeding Rates at Adentan Municipality in Ghana
MK Setorglo, J., Gorleku, P.N., Setorglo, B., Asomboya, M., Arthur F.N ...
Food Science and Technology 8 (1), 2020
Pneumatocele in a 33-year-old Ghanaian Woman: A Case Report
EKM Edzie, K Dzefi-Tettey, PN Gorleku, H Kusodzi, AR Asemah
Journal of Radiology and Clinical Imaging 3 (3), 80-84, 2020
Hypertension prevalence and predictors among taxi drivers at Abura in Cape Coast metropolis of Ghana
SAM Setorglo J, Gorleku PN, Appeatu D, Pereko KK, Egbi G
Journal of Public Health Policy Planning 3 (3), 33-39, 2019
Effect of Eating Habits on Oral Health among Junior High Students in the Cape Coast Metropolis
PN Gorleku, J Setorglo, O Gorleku, K Dzefi-Tettey, EK Edzie, AD Piersson, ...
International Journal of Innovative Research in Medical Science (IJIRMS) 4 (12), 2019
Incidental Finding of Dextrocardia with Situs Inversus in a 59-Year-Old Man
AP Edzie KM, Dzefi-Tettey K, Gorleku PN,Cudjoe O
Case Reports in Radiology 2019 (7107293), 4, 2019
Knowledge, Risk Factors and Perceived Attitude towards Cervical Cancer among Female Tertiary Students in the Tano-North Municipality in Ghana
P Gorleku, J Setorglo, A Ken-Amoah, Sebastian, Piersson, W Mutawakilu
Urban Studies and Public Administration 2 (4), 2019
Awareness of oral health among University of Cape Coast Pupils
P Gorleku, J Setorglo, E Edzie, A Piersson, O Gorleku
International Journal of Medical Science and Dental Research 5 (2), 06-14, 2019
Audit of MRI protocol, referral pattern and appropriateness of clinical indications for lumbar spine MRI use for adult low back pain: A single-centre study in Ghana
PN Gorleku, AD Piersson, EK Edzie
Journal of Public Health Policy and Planning 3 (2), 25-32, 2019
Demonstration of the Capabilities of Transabdominal Ultrasonography in Assessment of Structures and Functional Disorders of Locally Advanced Gastric Cancer of Diverse Localization
RY Abdullaiev, IV Kryzhanovskaya, YA Vinnik, PN Gorleku
Journal of Digestive Disorders and Diagnosis 1 (4), 10, 2018
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