Ewa Ziemann
Ewa Ziemann
Academy of Physical Education in Poznan
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Aerobic and anaerobic changes with high-intensity interval training in active college-aged men
E Ziemann, T Grzywacz, M Luszczyk, R Laskowski, RA Olek, AL Gibson
The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research 25 (4), 1104-1112, 2011
Five-day whole-body cryostimulation, blood inflammatory markers, and performance in high-ranking professional tennis players
E Ziemann, RA Olek, S Kujach, T Grzywacz, J Antosiewicz, T Garsztka, ...
Journal of Athletic Training 47 (6), 664-672, 2012
Exercise training-induced changes in inflammatory mediators and heat shock proteins in young tennis players
E Ziemann, A Zembroñ-Lacny, A Kasperska, J Antosiewicz, T Grzywacz, ...
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Whole-body cryotherapy in athletes: from therapy to stimulation. An updated review of the literature
G Lombardi, E Ziemann, G Banfi
Frontiers in Physiology 8, 258, 2017
Association analysis of ACE, ACTN3 and PPARGC1A gene polymorphisms in two cohorts of European strength and power athletes
V Gineviciene, A Jakaitiene, MO Aksenov, AV Aksenova, ...
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Effect of Nordic Walking training on iron metabolism in elderly women
J Kortas, K Prusik, D Flis, K Prusik, E Ziemann, N Leaver, J Antosiewicz
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Changes in pro-inflammatory markers and leucine concentrations in response to Nordic Walking training combined with vitamin D supplementation in elderly women
A Gmiat, J Mieszkowski, K Prusik, J Kortas, A Kochanowicz, A Radulska, ...
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Nordic walking training attenuation of oxidative stress in association with a drop in body iron stores in elderly women
J Kortas, A Kuchta, K Prusik, K Prusik, E Ziemann, S Labudda, ...
Biogerontology 18 (4), 517-524, 2017
A single oral intake of arginine does not affect performance during repeated Wingate anaerobic test
RA Olek, E Ziemann, T Grzywacz, S Kujach, M Luszczyk, J Antosiewicz, ...
Journal of sports medicine and physical fitness 50 (1), 52, 2010
The whole body cryostimulation modifies irisin concentration and reduces inflammation in middle aged, obese men
K Dulian, R Laskowski, T Grzywacz, S Kujach, DJ Flis, M Smaruj, ...
Cryobiology 71 (3), 398-404, 2015
Running a 100-km ultra-marathon induces an inflammatory response but does not raise the level of the plasma iron-regulatory protein hepcidin
K Kasprowicz, E Ziemann, W Ratkowski, R Laskowski, JJ Kaczor, R Dadci, ...
J Sports Med Phys Fitness 53 (5), 533-7, 2013
Repeated “all out” interval exercise causes an increase in serum hepcidin concentration in both trained and untrained men
J Antosiewicz, JJ Kaczor, K Kasprowicz, R Laskowski, S Kujach, ...
Cellular immunology 283 (1-2), 12-17, 2013
Whole-body cryostimulation as an effective way of reducing exercise-induced inflammation and blood cholesterol in young men
E Ziemann, RA Olek, T Grzywacz, JJ Kaczor, J Antosiewicz, W Skrobot, ...
European Cytokine Network 25 (1), 14-23, 2014
Improvement of cognitive functions in response to a regular Nordic walking training in elderly women–A change dependent on the training experience
A Gmiąt, J Jaworska, K Micielska, J Kortas, K Prusik, M Lipowski, ...
Experimental gerontology 104, 105-112, 2018
Whole-body cryostimulation as an effective method of reducing low-grade inflammation in obese men
E Ziemann, RA Olek, T Grzywacz, J Antosiewicz, S Kujach, M Łuszczyk, ...
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Asymmetry of muscle mass distribution in tennis players
M Rynkiewicz, T Rynkiewicz, P Żurek, E Ziemann, R Szymanik
Akademia Wychowania Fizycznego w Poznaniu, 2013
The impact of a single bout of high intensity circuit training on myokines' concentrations and cognitive functions in women of different age
A Gmiat, K Micielska, M Kozłowska, DJ Flis, M Smaruj, S Kujach, ...
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Adaptive Changes After 2 Weeks of 10-s Sprint Interval Training With Various Recovery Times
RA Olek, S Kujach, E Ziemann, W Ziolkowski, P Waz, R Laskowski
Frontiers in physiology 9, 392, 2018
The effect of the competitive season in professional basketball on inflammation and iron metabolism
A Dzedzej, W Ignatiuk, J Jaworska, T Grzywacz, P Lipińska, J Antosiewicz, ...
Biology of sport 33 (3), 223, 2016
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