Dr. Safwat HAMAD
Dr. Safwat HAMAD
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Improved dynamic multi-party quantum private comparison for next-generation mobile network
H Abulkasim, HN Alsuqaih, WF Hamdan, S Hamad, A Farouk, ...
IEEE Access 7, 17917-17926, 2019
Secure dynamic multiparty quantum private comparison
H Abulkasim, A Farouk, S Hamad, A Mashatan, S Ghose
Scientific reports 9 (1), 17818, 2019
Finding time quantum of round robin CPU scheduling algorithm in general computing systems using integer programming
SM Mostafa, SZ Rida, SH Hamad
International Journal of Research and Reviews in Applied Sciences (IJRRAS) 5 …, 2010
Mammogram breast cancer CAD systems for mass detection and classification: a review
NM Hassan, S Hamad, K Mahar
Multimedia Tools and Applications 81 (14), 20043-20075, 2022
Improving the security of quantum key agreement protocols with single photon in both polarization and spatial-mode degrees of freedom
H Abulkasim, A Farouk, H Alsuqaih, W Hamdan, S Hamad, S Ghose
Quantum Information Processing 17, 1-11, 2018
Authenticated quantum secret sharing with quantum dialogue based on Bell states
H Abulkasim, S Hamad, K El Bahnasy, SZ Rida
Physica Scripta 91 (8), 085101, 2016
A robust non-blind algorithm for watermarking color images using multi-resolution wavelet decomposition
A Khalifa, S Hamad
International Journal of Computer Applications 37 (8), 33-39, 2012
Novel Implementation of an Extended 8x8 Playfair Cipher Using Interweaving on DNA-encoded Data.
S Hamad
International Journal of Electrical & Computer Engineering (2088-8708) 4 (1), 2014
Improving the security of multi-party quantum key agreement with five-qubit Brown states
A Elhadad, S Abbas, H Abulkasim, S Hamad
Computer Communications 159, 155-160, 2020
Taxonomy for 3D content-based object retrieval methods
H ElNaghy, S Hamad, ME Khalifa
International Journal of Recent Research and Applied Studies (IJRRAS) 14 (2 …, 2013
CoroNet: Deep neural network-based end-to-end training for breast cancer diagnosis
N Mobark, S Hamad, SZ Rida
Applied Sciences 12 (14), 7080, 2022
Quantum secret sharing with identity authentication based on Bell states
H Abulkasim, S Hamad, A Khalifa, K El Bahnasy
International Journal of Quantum Information 15 (04), 1750023, 2017
CBRG: a novel algorithm for handling missing data using Bayesian ridge regression and feature selection based on gain ratio
SM Mostafa, AS Eladimy, S Hamad, H Amano
IEEE Access 8, 216969-216985, 2020
CBRL and CBRC: Novel algorithms for improving missing value imputation accuracy based on Bayesian ridge regression
S M. Mostafa, A S. Eladimy, S Hamad, H Amano
Symmetry 12 (10), 1594, 2020
Secure blind data hiding into pseudo DNA sequences using playfair ciphering and generic complementary substitution
A Khalifa, A Elhadad, S Hamad
Appl Math 10 (4), 1483-1492, 2016
A modified playfair cipher for encrypting digital images
S Hamad, A Khalifa, A Elhadad, SZ Rida
Mod. Sci 3, 76-81, 2013
A blind high-capacity wavelet-based steganography technique for hiding images into other images
S Hamad, A Khalifa, A Elhadad
Advances in Electrical and Computer Engineering 14 (2), 35-42, 2014
A hybrid machine learning approach for the phenotypic classification of metagenomic colon cancer reads based on kmer frequency and biomarker profiling
A Kishk, A Elzizy, D Galal, EA Razek, E Fawzy, G Ahmed, M Gawish, ...
2018 9th Cairo International Biomedical Engineering Conference (CIBEC), 118-121, 2018
Reply to Comment on ‘Authenticated quantum secret sharing with quantum dialogue based on Bell states'
H Abulkasim, S Hamad, A Elhadad
Physica Scripta 93 (2), 027001, 2018
High capacity information hiding for privacy protection in digital video files
A Elhadad, S Hamad, A Khalifa, A Ghareeb
Neural Computing and Applications 28, 91-95, 2017
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