Enrique Mejía Ospino
Enrique Mejía Ospino
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Study of Colombian coals using photoacoustic Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy
JA Orrego-Ruiz, R Cabanzo, E Mejía-Ospino
International Journal of Coal Geology 85 (3-4), 307-310, 2011
Prediction of the SARA analysis of Colombian crude oils using ATR–FTIR spectroscopy and chemometric methods
LV Melendez, A Lache, JA Orrego-Ruiz, Z Pachon, E Mejía-Ospino
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 90, 56-60, 2012
Pushing the analytical limits: new insights into complex mixtures using mass spectra segments of constant ultrahigh resolving power
DCP Lozano, R Gavard, JP Arenas-Diaz, MJ Thomas, DD Stranz, ...
Chemical science 10 (29), 6966-6978, 2019
Structural study of colombian coal by fourier transform infrared spectroscopy coupled to attenuated total reflectance (FTIR-ATR)
JA Orrego, R Cabanzo Hernández, E Mejía-Ospino
Revista mexicana de física 56 (3), 251-254, 2010
Mid-infrared Attenuated Total Reflectance (MIR-ATR) predictive models for asphaltene contents in vacuum residua: asphaltene structure–functionality correlations based on …
JA Orrego-Ruiz, A Guzmán, D Molina, E Mejía-Ospino
Energy & Fuels 25 (8), 3678-3686, 2011
Crude oil/water emulsion separation using graphene oxide and amine-modified graphene oxide particles
SNC Ortiz, R Cabanzo, E Mejia-Ospino
Fuel 240, 162-168, 2019
Spectroscopy characterization and quantum yield determination of quantum dots
SNC Ortiz, EM Ospino, R Cabanzo
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 687 (1), 012097, 2016
Construction of a predictive model for concentration of nickel and vanadium in vacuum residues of crude oils using artificial neural networks and LIBS
JL Tarazona, J Guerrero, R Cabanzo, E Mejía-Ospino
Applied optics 51 (7), B108-B114, 2012
APPI (+)-FTICR mass spectrometry coupled to partial least squares with genetic algorithm variable selection for prediction of API gravity and CCR of crude oil and vacuum residues
DCP Lozano, JA Orrego-Ruiz, RC Hernández, JE Guerrero, ...
Fuel 193, 39-44, 2017
Stoichiometry analysis of titanium oxide coating by LIBS
H Estupiñán, DY Peña, YO García, R Cabanzo, E Mejía-Ospino
The European Physical Journal D 53 (1), 69-73, 2009
FTIR-PAS coupled to partial least squares for prediction of ash content, volatile matter, fixed carbon and calorific value of coal
YR Gómez, RC Hernández, JE Guerrero, E Mejía-Ospino
Fuel 226, 536-544, 2018
Analysis of the molecular weight distribution of vacuum residues and their molecular distillation fractions by laser desorption ionization mass spectrometry
DCP Lozano, JA Orrego-Ruiz, MP Barrow, RC Hernandez, ...
Fuel 171, 247-252, 2016
On the molecular basis of aggregation and stability of Colombian asphaltenes and their subfractions
LR Morantes, AM Percebom, E Mejía-Ospino
Fuel 241, 542-549, 2019
Large size citrate‐reduced gold colloids appear as optimal SERS substrates for cationic peptides
E López‐Tobar, B Hernández, A Chenal, YM Coïc, J Gomez Santos, ...
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 48 (1), 30-37, 2017
Opo-time of flight system for multiphoton ionization and dissociation studies
E Mejia-Ospino, I Alvarez, C Cisneros
Revista mexicana de física 50 (2), 170-178, 2004
SARA analysis and Conradson carbon residue prediction of Colombian crude oils using PLSR and Raman spectroscopy
MA Flórez, JE Guerrero, R Cabanzo, E Mejía-Ospino
Journal of Petroleum Science and Engineering 156, 966-970, 2017
Spectral reflectance curves for multispectral imaging, combining different techniques and a neural network
CA Osorio-Gómez, E Mejía-Ospino, JE Guerrero-Bermúdez
Revista mexicana de física 55 (2), 120-124, 2009
Plasma temperature measurement in a hybrid discharge by using optical diagnostics
F Parada-Becerra, R Cabanzo, V Dugar-Zhabon, P Tsygankov, ...
Journal of Physics: Conference Series 370 (1), 012054, 2012
Diagnosis of chagas disease from human blood serum using surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) spectroscopy and chemometric methods
A Pérez, YA Prada, R Cabanzo, CI González, E Mejía-Ospino
Sensing and bio-sensing research 21, 40-45, 2018
Estudio de la adsorción de azul de metileno sobre óxido de grafeno
CV Chaparro, R Cabanzo, EM Ospino
Revista Colombiana de materiales, 131-139, 2014
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