Sudhir Sitaram Amritphale
Sudhir Sitaram Amritphale
Advanced Materials and Processes Research Institute
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Sequestration of carbon dioxide (CO2) using red mud
VS Yadav, M Prasad, J Khan, SS Amritphale, M Singh, CB Raju
Journal of hazardous materials 176 (1-3), 1044-1050, 2010
A novel process for making radiopaque materials using bauxite—Red mud
SS Amritphale, A Anshul, N Chandra, N Ramakrishnan
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Kinetics and isotherms for aqueous lead adsorption by natural minerals
M Prasad, S Saxena, SS Amritphale, N Chandra
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Synthesis and characterization of nano-sized zirconia powder synthesized by single emulsion-assisted direct precipitation
N Chandra, DK Singh, M Sharma, RK Upadhyay, SS Amritphale, ...
Journal of colloid and interface science 342 (2), 327-332, 2010
Utilization of red mud, fly ash for manufacturing bricks with pyrophyllite
SS Amritphale, M Patel
Silicates Industriels 52 (3-4), 31-35, 1987
Adsorption of cyanide from aqueous solutions at pyrophyllite surface
S Saxena, M Prasad, SS Amritphale, N Chandra
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Cr-free Co–Cu/SBA-15 catalysts for hydrogenation of biomass-derived α-, β-unsaturated aldehyde to alcohol
S Srivastava, P Mohanty, JK Parikh, AK Dalai, SS Amritphale, AK Khare
Chinese Journal of Catalysis 36 (7), 933-942, 2015
A robust iron oxyhydroxide water oxidation catalyst operating under near neutral and alkaline conditions
DR Chowdhury, L Spiccia, SS Amritphale, A Paul, A Singh
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Adsorption models for sorption of lead and zinc on francolite mineral
M Prasad, S Saxena, SS Amritphale
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Synthesis of nano-TiC powder using titanium gel precursor and carbon particles
N Chandra, M Sharma, DK Singh, SS Amritphale
Materials Letters 63 (12), 1051-1053, 2009
Coal fly ash utilization: Low temperature sintering of wall tiles
N Chandra, P Sharma, GL Pashkov, EN Voskresenskaya, SS Amritphale, ...
Waste management 28 (10), 1993-2002, 2008
Synthesis and characterization of iron oxide nanoparticles by solvothermal method
D Mishra, R Arora, S Lahiri, SS Amritphale, N Chandra
Protection of Metals and Physical Chemistry of Surfaces 50 (5), 628-631, 2014
Removal of Zn (II) from aqueous solution by using hybrid precursor of silicon and carbon
N Gupta, SS Amritphale, N Chandra
Bioresource technology 101 (10), 3355-3362, 2010
Development of celsian ceramics from fly ash useful for X-ray radiation-shielding application
SS Amritphale, A Anshul, N Chandra, N Ramakrishnan
Journal of the European Ceramic Society 27 (16), 4639-4647, 2007
Photo degradation of synthetic dyes using cadmium sulfide nanoparticles synthesized in the presence of different capping agents
RK Upadhyay, M Sharma, DK Singh, SS Amritphale, N Chandra
Separation and purification technology 88, 39-45, 2012
Phase transformation, improved ferroelectric and magnetic properties of (1 − x) BiFeO3–xPb(Zr0.52Ti0.48)O3 solid solutions
S Sharma, V Singh, RK Dwivedi, R Ranjan, A Anshul, SS Amritphale, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 115 (22), 224106, 2014
Effect of pyrophyllite additions on sintering characteristics of fly ash based ceramic wall tiles
S Bhasin, SS Amritphale, N Chandra
British ceramic transactions 102 (2), 83-86, 2003
Energy efficient process for making pyrophyllite-based ceramic tiles using phosphoric acid and mineralizers
SS Amritphale, S Bhasin, N Chandra
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Removal of lead from aqueous solution by hybrid precursor prepared by rice hull
N Gupta, SS Amritphale, N Chandra
Journal of hazardous materials 163 (2-3), 1194-1198, 2009
A novel synthesis process for making nickel oxide nanoparticles
R Hada, A Rani, V Devra, SS Amritphale
International Research Journal of Pure and Applied Chemistry, 111-117, 2013
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