Silke Gabbert
Silke Gabbert
Wageningen University, Environmental Economis and Natural Resources Group
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Towards optimization of chemical testing under REACH: a Bayesian network approach to Integrated Testing Strategies
J Jaworska, S Gabbert, T Aldenberg
Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 57 (2-3), 157-167, 2010
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C Kroeze, S Gabbert, N Hofstra, AA Koelmans, A Li, A Löhr, F Ludwig, ...
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A comparative survey of chemistry-driven in silico methods to identify hazardous substances under REACH
M Nendza, S Gabbert, R Kühne, A Lombardo, A Roncaglioni, E Benfenati, ...
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Wine quality and price: a hedonic approach
G Schamel, S Gabbert, H Witzke
Global Markets for Processed Foods, 1998
Economic analysis of adaptive strategies for flood risk management under climate change
TD van der Pol, EC van Ierland, S Gabbert
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The borderline range of prediction models for skin sensitisation potential assessment: Quantification and implications for evaluating non-animal testing methods precision
M Leontaridou, D Urbisch, SN Kolle, K Ott, DS Mulliner, S Gabbert, ...
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TD van Der Pol, EC Van Ierland, S Gabbert, HP Weikard, EMT Hendrix
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The poor performance of the rich-bilateral versus multilateral food aid allocation
S Gabbert, HP Weikard
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The essential elements of a risk governance framework for current and future nanotechnologies
V Stone, M Führ, PH Feindt, H Bouwmeester, I Linkov, S Sabella, ...
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A theory of chemicals regulation and testing
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S Gabbert, EC van Ierland
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S Gabbert, M Scheringer, CA Ng, HC Stolzenberg
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Sequential testing of chemicals when costs matter: a value of information approach
S Gabbert, HP Weikard
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A tutorial for analysing the cost-effectiveness of alternative methods for assessing chemical toxicity: the case of acute oral toxicity prediction.
H Norlen, AP Worth, S Gabbert
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The impact of precision uncertainty on predictive accuracy metrics of non-animal testing methods
M Leontaridou, S Gabbert, R Landsiedel
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Nuclear waste management under approaching disaster: A comparison of decommissioning strategies for the German repository asse II
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Quo vadis integrated testing strategies? Experiences and observations from the work floor
S Gabbert, C Benighaus
Journal of Risk Research 15 (6), 583-599, 2012
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