Mark Auslender
Mark Auslender
Professor of Applied Physics and Computational Methods, Faculty of Engineering Ben Gurion University
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Sensitivity enhancement of guided-wave surface-plasmon resonance sensors
A Lahav, M Auslender, I Abdulhalim
Optics Letters 33 (21), 2539-2541, 2008
Low-temperature resistivity minimum in ceramic manganites
E Rozenberg, M Auslender, I Felner, G Gorodetsky
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Low-temperature resistivity minima in single-crystalline and ceramic LaSrMnO: Mesoscopic transport and intergranular tunneling
M Auslender, AE Kar’kin, E Rozenberg, G Gorodetsky
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Disorder-induced phase coexistence in bulk doped manganites and its suppression in nanometer-sized crystals: The case of LaCaMnO
E Rozenberg, AI Shames, M Auslender, G Jung, I Felner, J Sinha, ...
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Scattering-matrix propagation algorithm in full-vectorial optics of multilayer grating structures
M Auslender, S Hava
Optics letters 21 (21), 1765-1767, 1996
Generalized kinetic equations for charge carriers in graphene
M Auslender, MI Katsnelson
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Equation of state and spin-correlation functions of ultrasmall classical Heisenberg magnets
O Ciftja, M Luban, M Auslender, JH Luscombe
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E Rozenberg, M Auslender, AI Shames, D Mogilyansky, I Felner, ...
Physical Review B 78 (5), 052405, 2008
Zero infrared reflectance anomaly in doped silicon lamellar gratings. I. From antireflection to total absorption
M Auslender, S Hava
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Theoretical and experimental investigation of enhanced transmission through periodic metal nanoslits for sensing in water environment
A Karabchevsky, O Krasnykov, M Auslender, B Hadad, A Goldner, ...
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The nature of low-temperature minimum of resistivity in ceramic manganites
M Auslender, E Rozenberg, G Gorodetsky
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Anderson localization in ferromagnetic semiconductors due to spin disorder. 1. Narrow conduction-band
EM Kogan, MI Auslender
Physica Status Solidi b-Basic Research 147 (2), 613-620, 1988
Electron states in the s-f exchange model of a ferromagnetic semiconductor in the spin-wave region. II. Degenerate semiconductors
MI Auslender, VY Irkhin
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Metal grating on a substrate nanostructure for sensor applications
A Karabchevsky, O Krasnykov, I Abdulhalim, B Hadad, A Goldner, ...
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Ferromagnetic transition in a double-exchange system containing impurities
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One-dimensional antireflection gratings in (100) silicon: a numerical study
M Auslender, D Levy, S Hava
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The spin polarization of conduction electrons in ferromagnetic semiconductors
MI Auslender, VY Irkhin
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On the band structure and anisotropy of transport properties of ferromagnetic semiconductors CdCrSe and HgCrSe
MI Auslender, NG Bebenin
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Spin waves in degenerate ferromagnetic semiconductors at low temperatures
MI Auslender, VY Irkhin
Zeitschrift für Physik B Condensed Matter 56 (4), 301-306, 1984
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