Dmytro Chumachenko
Dmytro Chumachenko
National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute"
Подтвержден адрес электронной почты в домене
Stochastic modelling of cash flow for personal insurance fund using the cloud data storage
K Bazilevych, M Mazorchuk, Y Parfeniuk, V Dobriak, I Meniailov, ...
International Journal of Computing 17 (3), 153-162, 2018
Project-Oriented Management of Adaptive Commands Formation Resources in Multi-Project Environment
IC Nataliia Dotsenko, Dmytro Chumachenko
CEUR Workshops Proceedings 2353, 911-923, 2019
On agent-based approach to influenza and acute respiratory virus infection simulation
D Chumachenko, V Dobriak, M Mazorchuk, I Meniailov, K Bazilevych
2018 14th International Conference on Advanced Trends in Radioelecrtronics …, 2018
Modeling of the processes of stakeholder involvement in command management in a multi-project environment
D Nataliia, C Dmytro, C Igor
2018 IEEE 13th International Scientific and Technical Conference on Computer …, 2018
Web-application development for tasks of prediction in medical domain
M Mazorchuck, V Dobriak, D Chumachenko
2018 IEEE 13th international scientific and technical conference on computer …, 2018
Intelligent simulation of network worm propagation using the code red as an example
D Chumachenko, K Chumachenko, S Yakovlev
Telecommunications and Radio Engineering 78 (5), 2019
Computer aided system of time series analysis methods for forecasting the epidemics outbreaks
Y Polyvianna, D Chumachenko, T Chumachenko
2019 IEEE 15th International Conference on the Experience of Designing and …, 2019
On intelligent multiagent approach to viral hepatitis B epidemic processes simulation
D Chumachenko
2018 IEEE Second International Conference on Data Stream Mining & Processing …, 2018
Using the K-means method for diagnosing cancer stage using the Pandas library
I Meniailov, K Bazilevych, K Fedulov, S Goranina
development 14, 15, 2019
On intelligent agent-based simulation of network worms propagation
D Chumachenko, S Yakovlev
2019 IEEE 15th International Conference on the Experience of Designing and …, 2019
Intelligent expert system of knowledge examination of medical staff regarding infections associated with the provision of medical care
D Chumachenko, V Balitskii, T Chumachenko, V Makarova, M Railian
Management of Critical Competencies in a Multi-Project Environment.
N Dotsenko, D Chumachenko, I Chumachenko
ICTERI, 495-500, 2019
Intelligent agent-based simulation of HIV epidemic process
D Chumachenko, T Chumachenko
International Scientific Conference “Intellectual Systems of Decision Making …, 2019
On intelligent decision making in multiagent systems in conditions of uncertainty
D Chumachenko, I Meniailov, K Bazilevych, T Chumachenko
2019 XIth International Scientific and Practical Conference on Electronics …, 2019
Modeling of the process of critical competencies management in the multi-project environment
N Dotsenko, D Chumachenko, I Chumachenko
2019 IEEE 14th International Conference on Computer Sciences and Information …, 2019
Development of an intelligent agent-based model of the epidemic process of syphilis
D Chumachenko, I Meniailov, K Bazilevych, Y Kuznetsova, ...
2019 IEEE 14th International Conference on Computer Sciences and Information …, 2019
Determining the Probability of Heart Disease using Data Mining Methods.
K Bazilevych, I Meniailov, K Fedulov, S Goranina, D Chumachenko, ...
IDDM, 383-394, 2019
Development of intelligent agents for simulation of hepatitis B epidemic process
Y Chernyshev, D Chumachenko, A Tovstik
East West Fuzzy Colloquium 2013 (20th Zittau Fuzzy Colloquium, September 25 …, 2013
Development and analysis of intelligent recommendation system using machine learning approach
P Piletskiy, D Chumachenko, I Meniailov
Integrated Computer Technologies in Mechanical Engineering, 186-197, 2020
Multiagent simulation of the hepatitis B epidemic process
T Chumachenko, D Chumachenko, O Sokolov
Online journal of public health informatics 5 (1), 2013
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