Dmytro Chumachenko
Dmytro Chumachenko
National Aerospace University "Kharkiv Aviation Institute"
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Computer aided system of time series analysis methods for forecasting the epidemics outbreaks
Y Polyvianna, D Chumachenko, T Chumachenko
2019 IEEE 15th International Conference on the Experience of Designing and …, 2019
Project-Oriented Management of Adaptive Commands Formation Resources in Multi-Project Environment
IC Nataliia Dotsenko, Dmytro Chumachenko
CEUR Workshops Proceedings 2353, 911-923, 2019
Stochastic modelling of cash flow for personal insurance fund using the cloud data storage
K Bazilevych, M Mazorchuk, Y Parfeniuk, V Dobriak, I Meniailov, ...
International Journal of Computing 17 (3), 153-162, 2018
On agent-based approach to influenza and acute respiratory virus infection simulation
D Chumachenko, V Dobriak, M Mazorchuk, I Meniailov, K Bazilevych
2018 14th International Conference on Advanced Trends in Radioelecrtronics …, 2018
Modeling of the processes of stakeholder involvement in command management in a multi-project environment
D Nataliia, C Dmytro, C Igor
2018 IEEE 13th International Scientific and Technical Conference on Computer …, 2018
Web-application development for tasks of prediction in medical domain
M Mazorchuck, V Dobriak, D Chumachenko
2018 IEEE 13th international scientific and technical conference on computer …, 2018
The concept of developing a decision support system for the epidemic morbidity control
S Yakovlev, K Bazilevych, D Chumachenko, T Chumachenko, ...
On intelligent decision making in multiagent systems in conditions of uncertainty
D Chumachenko, I Meniailov, K Bazilevych, T Chumachenko
2019 XIth International Scientific and Practical Conference on Electronics …, 2019
Intelligent simulation of network worm propagation using the code red as an example
D Chumachenko, K Chumachenko, S Yakovlev
Telecommunications and Radio Engineering 78 (5), 2019
Intelligent agent-based simulation of HIV epidemic process
D Chumachenko, T Chumachenko
International Scientific Conference “Intellectual Systems of Decision Making …, 2019
Intelligent expert system of knowledge examination of medical staff regarding infections associated with the provision of medical care
D Chumachenko, V Balitskii, T Chumachenko, V Makarova, M Railian
On intelligent multiagent approach to viral hepatitis B epidemic processes simulation
D Chumachenko
2018 IEEE Second International Conference on Data Stream Mining & Processing …, 2018
On-line data processing, simulation and forecasting of the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) propagation in Ukraine based on machine learning approach
D Chumachenko, T Chumachenko, I Meniailov, P Pyrohov, I Kuzin, ...
International Conference on Data Stream Mining and Processing, 372-382, 2020
On intelligent agent-based simulation of network worms propagation
D Chumachenko, S Yakovlev
2019 IEEE 15th International Conference on the Experience of Designing and …, 2019
Management of Critical Competencies in a Multi-Project Environment.
N Dotsenko, D Chumachenko, I Chumachenko
ICTERI, 495-500, 2019
Using the K-means method for diagnosing cancer stage using the Pandas library
I Meniailov, K Bazilevych, K Fedulov, S Goranina
development 14, 15, 2019
Development of an intelligent agent-based model of the epidemic process of syphilis
D Chumachenko, I Meniailov, K Bazilevych, Y Kuznetsova, ...
2019 IEEE 14th international conference on computer sciences and information …, 2019
Fuzzy recurrent mappings in multiagent simulation of population dynamics systems
D Chumachenko, O Sokolov, S Yakovlev
Int. J. Comput 19 (2), 290-297, 2020
Modeling of the process of critical competencies management in the multi-project environment
N Dotsenko, D Chumachenko, I Chumachenko
2019 IEEE 14th International Conference on Computer Sciences and Information …, 2019
Development and analysis of intelligent recommendation system using machine learning approach
P Piletskiy, D Chumachenko, I Meniailov
Integrated Computer Technologies in Mechanical Engineering, 186-197, 2020
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