Anne-Christine Mupepele
Anne-Christine Mupepele
Nature Conservation and Landscape Ecology, University of Freiburg
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Blind spots in ecosystem services research and challenges for implementation
S Lautenbach, AC Mupepele, CF Dormann, H Lee, S Schmidt, ...
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Relevance of wild and managed bees for human well-being
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Cross-discipline evidence principles for sustainability policy
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Germany: Note limitations of DNA legislation
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Are temperate canopy spiders tree-species specific?
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Responses of small mammals to land restoration after mining
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Blind spots in ecosystem services research and implementation. BioRxiv
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Evidence Ranking Needs to Reflect Causality
AC Mupepele, CF Dormann
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Insect conservation in agricultural landscapes: An outlook for policy-relevant research
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Pollinators & Pollination: Nature and Society, J. Ollerton. Pelagic Publishing, Exeter, UK (2021). 286 pp.,€ 31 (Softcover), ISBN: 978-1-78427-228-9
AC Mupepele
Basic and Applied Ecology 54, 37-38, 2021
Reducing publication delay to improve the efficiency and impact of conservation science
AP Christie, TB White, PA Martin, SO Petrovan, AJ Bladon, AE Bowkett, ...
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Artisanal mining impacts small mammals while chainsaw milling is a more sustainable practice in Ghana
AMK Erid Adjei Lawer, Anne-Christine Mupepele
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European agroforestry is no universal remedy for biodiversity: a time-cumulative meta-analysis
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Responses of small mammals to land restoration after mining.
AC Mupepele, AM Klein, EA Lawer
Landscape Ecology 34 (3), 2019
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