Simone Pascucci
Simone Pascucci
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Evaluating Hyperion capability for land cover mapping in a fragmented ecosystem: Pollino National Park, Italy
S Pignatti, RM Cavalli, V Cuomo, L Fusilli, S Pascucci, M Poscolieri, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 113 (3), 622-634, 2009
Evaluation of the potential of the current and forthcoming multispectral and hyperspectral imagers to estimate soil texture and organic carbon
F Castaldi, A Palombo, F Santini, S Pascucci, S Pignatti, R Casa
Remote Sensing of Environment 179, 54-65, 2016
Deterioration status of asbestos-cement roofing sheets assessed by analyzing hyperspectral data
C Bassani, RM Cavalli, F Cavalcante, V Cuomo, A Palombo, S Pascucci, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 109 (3), 361-378, 2007
Assessing the potential of images from unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) to support herbicide patch spraying in maize
F Castaldi, F Pelosi, S Pascucci, R Casa
Precision Agriculture 18 (1), 76-94, 2017
Vegetation indices combining the red and red-edge spectral information for leaf area index retrieval
Q Xie, J Dash, W Huang, D Peng, Q Qin, H Mortimer, R Casa, S Pignatti, ...
IEEE Journal of selected topics in applied earth observations and remote …, 2018
A comparison of sensor resolution and calibration strategies for soil texture estimation from hyperspectral remote sensing
R Casa, F Castaldi, S Pascucci, A Palombo, S Pignatti
Geoderma 197, 17-26, 2013
Hyperspectral sensor data capability for retrieving complex urban land cover in comparison with multispectral data: Venice city case study (Italy)
RM Cavalli, L Fusilli, S Pascucci, S Pignatti, F Santini
Sensors 8 (5), 3299-3320, 2008
Synthesis of magnetic zeolite at low temperature using a waste material mixture: Fly ash and red mud
C Belviso, E Agostinelli, S Belviso, F Cavalcante, S Pascucci, D Peddis, ...
Microporous and Mesoporous Materials 202, 208-216, 2015
The PRISMA hyperspectral mission: Science activities and opportunities for agriculture and land monitoring
S Pignatti, A Palombo, S Pascucci, F Romano, F Santini, T Simoniello, ...
2013 IEEE International Geoscience and Remote Sensing Symposium-IGARSS, 4558 …, 2013
Transport infrastructure surveillance and monitoring by electromagnetic sensing: the ISTIMES project
M Proto, M Bavusi, R Bernini, L Bigagli, M Bost, F Bourquin, LM Cottineau, ...
Sensors 10 (12), 10620-10639, 2010
Hyperspectral remote sensing data to map hazardous materials in a rural and industrial district: The Podgorica dwellings case studies
RM Cavalli, S Pascucci, S Pignatti
2009 First Workshop on Hyperspectral Image and Signal Processing: Evolution …, 2009
Chlorophyll estimation in field crops: an assessment of handheld leaf meters and spectral reflectance measurements
R Casa, F Castaldi, S Pascucci, S Pignatti
The Journal of Agricultural Science 153 (5), 876, 2015
Road asphalt pavements analyzed by airborne thermal remote sensing: Preliminary results of the venice highway
S Pascucci, C Bassani, A Palombo, M Poscolieri, R Cavalli
Sensors 8 (2), 1278-1296, 2008
A comparison of hybrid machine learning algorithms for the retrieval of wheat biophysical variables from sentinel-2
D Upreti, W Huang, W Kong, S Pascucci, S Pignatti, X Zhou, H Ye, R Casa
Remote Sensing 11 (5), 481, 2019
Estimating wheat yield in China at the field and district scale from the assimilation of satellite data into the Aquacrop and simple algorithm for yield (SAFY) models
PC Silvestro, S Pignatti, S Pascucci, H Yang, Z Li, G Yang, W Huang, ...
Remote Sensing 9 (5), 509, 2017
Geophysical and hyperspectral data fusion techniques for in-field estimation of soil properties
R Casa, F Castaldi, S Pascucci, B Basso, S Pignatti
Vadose Zone Journal 12 (4), 2013
Downstream services for rice crop monitoring in Europe: From regional to local scale
L Busetto, S Casteleyn, C Granell, M Pepe, M Barbieri, ...
IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Applied Earth Observations and Remote …, 2017
Sensitivity analysis of the Aquacrop and SAFYE crop models for the assessment of water limited winter wheat yield in regional scale applications
PC Silvestro, S Pignatti, H Yang, G Yang, S Pascucci, F Castaldi, R Casa
PloS one 12 (11), e0187485, 2017
Reducing the influence of soil moisture on the estimation of clay from hyperspectral data: A case study using simulated PRISMA data
F Castaldi, A Palombo, S Pascucci, S Pignatti, F Santini, R Casa
Remote Sensing 7 (11), 15561-15582, 2015
Estimation of soil properties at the field scale from satellite data: a comparison between spatial and non‐spatial techniques
F Castaldi, R Casa, A Castrignanò, S Pascucci, A Palombo, S Pignatti
European Journal of Soil Science 65 (6), 842-851, 2014
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