Melissa Rice
Melissa Rice
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A habitable fluvio-lacustrine environment at Yellowknife Bay, Gale Crater, Mars
JP Grotzinger, DY Sumner, LC Kah, K Stack, S Gupta, L Edgar, D Rubin, ...
Science 343 (6169), 2014
Mineralogy of a mudstone at Yellowknife Bay, Gale crater, Mars
DT Vaniman, DL Bish, DW Ming, TF Bristow, RV Morris, DF Blake, ...
science 343 (6169), 2014
Deposition, exhumation, and paleoclimate of an ancient lake deposit, Gale crater, Mars
JP Grotzinger, S Gupta, MC Malin, DM Rubin, J Schieber, K Siebach, ...
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Elemental geochemistry of sedimentary rocks at Yellowknife Bay, Gale crater, Mars
SM McLennan, RB Anderson, JF Bell, JC Bridges, F Calef, JL Campbell, ...
Science 343 (6169), 2014
Calcium sulfate veins characterized by ChemCam/Curiosity at Gale crater, Mars
M Nachon, SM Clegg, N Mangold, S Schröder, LC Kah, G Dromart, ...
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Isotope Ratios of H, C, and O in CO2 and H2O of the Martian Atmosphere
CR Webster, PR Mahaffy, GJ Flesch, PB Niles, JH Jones, LA Leshin, ...
Science 341 (6143), 260-263, 2013
Ancient impact and aqueous processes at Endeavour Crater, Mars
SW Squyres, RE Arvidson, JF Bell, F Calef, BC Clark, BA Cohen, ...
Science 336 (6081), 570-576, 2012
Characteristics, distribution, origin, and significance of opaline silica observed by the Spirit rover in Gusev crater, Mars
SW Ruff, JD Farmer, WM Calvin, KE Herkenhoff, JR Johnson, RV Morris, ...
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Spirit Mars Rover Mission: Overview and selected results from the northern Home Plate Winter Haven to the side of Scamander crater
RE Arvidson, JF Bell, P Bellutta, NA Cabrol, JG Catalano, J Cohen, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 115 (E7), 2010
Mineralogy, provenance, and diagenesis of a potassic basaltic sandstone on Mars: CheMin X‐ray diffraction of the Windjana sample (Kimberley area, Gale Crater)
AH Treiman, DL Bish, DT Vaniman, SJ Chipera, DF Blake, DW Ming, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 121 (1), 75-106, 2016
Opportunity Mars Rover mission: Overview and selected results from Purgatory ripple to traverses to Endeavour crater
RE Arvidson, JW Ashley, JF Bell, M Chojnacki, J Cohen, TE Economou, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 116 (E7), 2011
Large wind ripples on Mars: A record of atmospheric evolution
MGA Lapotre, RC Ewing, MP Lamb, WW Fischer, JP Grotzinger, ...
Science 353 (6294), 55-58, 2016
Silica-rich deposits and hydrated minerals at Gusev Crater, Mars: Vis-NIR spectral characterization and regional mapping
MS Rice, JF Bell III, EA Cloutis, A Wang, SW Ruff, MA Craig, DT Bailey, ...
Icarus 205 (2), 375-395, 2010
Mineralogic constraints on sulfur‐rich soils from Pancam spectra at Gusev crater, Mars
JR Johnson, JF Bell III, E Cloutis, M Staid, WH Farrand, T McCoy, M Rice, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 34 (13), 2007
The stratigraphy and evolution of lower Mount Sharp from spectral, morphological, and thermophysical orbital data sets
AA Fraeman, BL Ehlmann, RE Arvidson, CS Edwards, JP Grotzinger, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 121 (9), 1713-1736, 2016
Oxidation of manganese in an ancient aquifer, Kimberley formation, Gale crater, Mars
NL Lanza, RC Wiens, RE Arvidson, BC Clark, WW Fischer, R Gellert, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 43 (14), 7398-7407, 2016
Diagenetic origin of nodules in the Sheepbed member, Yellowknife Bay formation, Gale crater, Mars
KM Stack, JP Grotzinger, LC Kah, ME Schmidt, N Mangold, KS Edgett, ...
Journal of Geophysical Research: Planets 119 (7), 1637-1664, 2014
Diagenetic silica enrichment and late‐stage groundwater activity in Gale crater, Mars
J Frydenvang, PJ Gasda, JA Hurowitz, JP Grotzinger, RC Wiens, ...
Geophysical Research Letters 44 (10), 4716-4724, 2017
Radar imagery of Mercury’s putative polar ice: 1999–2005 Arecibo results
JK Harmon, MA Slade, MS Rice
Icarus 211 (1), 37-50, 2011
Reflectance spectra diversity of silica-rich materials: Sensitivity to environment and implications for detections on Mars
MS Rice, EA Cloutis, JF Bell Iii, DL Bish, BH Horgan, SA Mertzman, ...
Icarus 223 (1), 499-533, 2013
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