K. P. O'Donnell
K. P. O'Donnell
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Temperature dependence of semiconductor band gaps
KP O’Donnell, X Chen
Applied Physics Letters 58 (25), 2924-2926, 1991
Origin of luminescence from InGaN diodes
KP O'Donnell, RW Martin, PG Middleton
Physical Review Letters 82 (1), 237, 1999
Exciton localization and the Stokes’ shift in InGaN epilayers
RW Martin, PG Middleton, KP O’Donnell, W Van der Stricht
Applied Physics Letters 74 (2), 263-265, 1999
Origin of the Stokes shift: a geometrical model of exciton spectra in 2D semiconductors
F Yang, M Wilkinson, EJ Austin, KP O’Donnell
Physical Review Letters 70 (3), 323, 1993
Strain and composition distributions in wurtzite InGaN/GaN layers extracted from x-ray reciprocal space mapping
S Pereira, MR Correia, E Pereira, KP O’Donnell, E Alves, AD Sequeira, ...
Applied Physics Letters 80 (21), 3913-3915, 2002
Compositional pulling effects in InxGa1-x N/GaN layers: A combined depth-resolved cathodoluminescence and Rutherford backscattering/channeling study
S Pereira, MR Correia, E Pereira, KP O’Donnell, C Trager-Cowan, ...
Physical Review B 64 (20), 205311, 2001
Anomalous ion channeling in AlInN/GaN bilayers: determination of the strain state
K Lorenz, N Franco, E Alves, IM Watson, RW Martin, KP O’Donnell
Physical Review Letters 97 (8), 085501, 2006
Luminescence decay in disordered low‐dimensional semiconductors
X Chen, B Henderson, KP O’Donnell
Applied Physics Letters 60 (21), 2672-2674, 1992
Origin of the 0.97 eV luminescence in irradiated silicon
KP O'Donnell, KM Lee, GD Watkins
Physica B+ C 116 (1-3), 258-263, 1983
Disorder and the optical spectroscopy of Cr3+-doped glasses: I. Silicate glasses
F Rasheed, KP O'Donnell, B Henderson, DB Hollis
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 3 (12), 1915, 1991
Structural and optical properties of InGaN/GaN layers close to the critical layer thickness
S Pereira, MR Correia, E Pereira, C Trager-Cowan, F Sweeney, ...
Applied Physics Letters 81 (7), 1207-1209, 2002
Structural analysis of InGaN epilayers
KP O'Donnell, JFW Mosselmans, RW Martin, S Pereira, ME White
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 13 (32), 6977, 2001
Selectively excited photoluminescence from Eu-implanted GaN
K Wang, RW Martin, KP O’Donnell, V Katchkanov, E Nogales, K Lorenz, ...
Applied physics letters 87 (11), 112107, 2005
Raman-scattering study of the InGaN alloy over the whole composition range
S Hernández, R Cuscó, D Pastor, L Artús, KP O'Donnell, RW Martin, ...
J Appl Phys, 2005
Rare-earth doped III-nitrides for optoelectronic and spintronic applications
VD (Eds.)K.P. O'Donnell
Springer, 2010
Optical linewidths of InGaN light emitting diodes and epilayers
KP O’Donnell, T Breitkopf, H Kalt, W Van der Stricht, I Moerman, ...
Applied physics letters 70 (14), 1843-1845, 1997
Disorder and the optical spectroscopy of Cr3+-doped glasses. II. Glasses with high and low ligand fields
F Rasheed, KP O'Donnell, B Henderson, DB Hollis
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 3 (21), 3825, 1991
Rare earth doped III-nitrides for optoelectronics
KP O'Donnell, B Hourahine
The European Physical Journal Applied Physics 36 (2), 91-103, 2006
High-temperature annealing and optical activation of Eu-implanted
K Lorenz, U Wahl, E Alves, S Dalmasso, RW Martin, KP O'Donnell, ...
Applied physics letters 85 (14), 2712-2714, 2004
Temperature dependence of the lifetime of Cr 3+ luminescence in garnet crystals I
M Yamaga, B Henderson, KP O'donnell, CT Cowan, A Marshall
Applied Physics B 50 (5), 425-431, 1990
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