Victor Kravchenko
Victor Kravchenko
Kotelnikov Institute of Radio Engineering and Electronics of RAS
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Adaptive digital processing of multidimensional signals with applications
HM Perez-Meana
Fizmatlit, 2009
Lectures on the Theory of Atomic Functions and their some Applications
VF Kravchenko
Moscow, Publishing House Radio Engineering, 2003
Boolean algebra, atomic functions and wavelets in physical applications
VF Kravchenko, VL Rvachev
Moscow, Fizmatlit, 2006
Statistical Theory of Radio Technical Systems of Remote Sensing and Radar
VK Volosyuk, VF Kravchenko
Moscow, Fizmatlit, 2008
Selection of the discharge-tube material for a nitrogen longitudinal-discharge ultraviolet laser to ensure the maximum average radiation power
VG Il'yushko, VF Kravchenko
Soviet Journal of Quantum Electronics 17 (11), 1407, 1987
A new class of WA-systems of Kravchenko-Rvachev functions
YV Gulaev, VF Kravchenko, VI Pustovoit
Doklady Mathematics 75 (2), 325-332, 2007
Computational Methods in Modern Radio Physics
VF Kravchenko, OS Labun’ko, AM Lerer, GP Sinyavskii
M.: Fizmatlit, 2009
Bispectral methods of signal processing: applications in radar, telecommunications and digital image restoration
AV Totsky, AA Zelensky, VF Kravchenko
Walter de Gruyter GmbH & Co KG, 2014
Electromagnetic Wave Transformation and Radiation by the Open Resonant Structures. Modelling and Analysis of Transient and Steady-State Processes
VF Kravchenko, YK Sirenko, KY Sirenko
M.: Physmatlit, 318, 2011
New synthesized windows
VF Kravchenko
Doklady Physics 47 (1), 51-60, 2002
Scattering of electromagnetic waves by a thin superconducting band
V Gandel'Yu, VF Kravchenko, VI Pustovoit
Doklady Mathematics 54 (3), 959-961, 1996
Boolean algebra and approximation methods in boundary value problems of electrodynamics
VF Kravchenko, MA Basarab
Fizmatlit, 308, 2004
Electrodynamics of superconducting structures
VF Kravchenko
MMET Conference Proceedings. 1998 International Conference on Mathematical …, 1998
Applications of atomic functions for solution boundary value problems in mathematical physics
VF Kravchenko, VA Rvachev
Zarubezhnaya Radioelectronica. Achievements in Modern Radioelectronics, 6-22, 1996
Remote sensing in inhomogeneous mediums
AA Goncharenko, VF Kravchenko, VI Ponomaryov
Radio and Communication, Moscow, 268-271, 1991
Development of the theory, methods and algorithms of optimal space-time ultrawideband signal processing for radio-thermal radiation
VK Volosyuk, VF Kravchenko, VV Pavlikov
2013 IX Internatioal Conference on Antenna Theory and Techniques, 74-79, 2013
Constructive methods of approximation in antenna theory
EG Zelkin, VF Kravchenko, VI Gusevskyi
Moscow: Science Press, 2005
Effects of resonant scattering of waves by layered dielectric structure with Kerr-type nonlinearity
VF Kravchenko, VV Yatsyk
J. Electromagnetic Waves and Electronic Systems 12 (12), 17-40, 2007
On the prospects of agro-industrial clusters formation
TV Savchenko, AV Ulez'ko, NN Kravchenko, AA Tyutyunikov
Research Journal of Pharmaceutical, Biological and Chemical Sciences 5 (5 …, 2014
Atomic functions in probability theory and stochastic processes
VF Kravchenko, OV Kravchenko, AR Safin
Publishing House Successes of Modern Radio Electronics 5, 23-39, 2009
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