Julian Trachsel
Julian Trachsel
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Finding alternatives to antibiotics
HK Allen, J Trachsel, T Casey, T Looft
Ann. NY Acad. Sci 40, 1-10, 2014
Meta-analysis to define a core microbiota in the swine gut
DB Holman, BW Brunelle, J Trachsel, HK Allen
MSystems 2 (3), e00004-17, 2017
Pipeline for amplifying and analyzing amplicons of the V1–V3 region of the 16S rRNA gene
HK Allen, DO Bayles, T Looft, J Trachsel, BE Bass, DP Alt, SMD Bearson, ...
BMC research notes 9 (1), 1-6, 2016
Dietary resistant potato starch alters intestinal microbial communities and their metabolites, and markers of immune regulation and barrier function in swine
J Trachsel, C Briggs, NK Gabler, HK Allen, CL Loving
Frontiers in immunology 10, 1381, 2019
Evaluating nursery pig responses to in-feed sub-therapeutic antibiotics
ET Helm, S Curry, JM Trachsel, M Schroyen, NK Gabler
PloS one 14 (4), e0216070, 2019
Function and phylogeny of bacterial butyryl coenzyme a: acetate transferases and their diversity in the proximal colon of swine
J Trachsel, DO Bayles, T Looft, UY Levine, HK Allen
Applied and environmental microbiology 82 (22), 6788-6798, 2016
Fermentation products as feed additives mitigate some ill-effects of heat stress in pigs,
S Kumar, BE Bass, M Bandrick, CL Loving, SL Brockmeier, T Looft, ...
Journal of animal science 95 (1), 279-290, 2017
Butyricicoccus porcorum sp. nov., a butyrate-producing bacterium from swine intestinal tract
J Trachsel, S Humphrey, HK Allen
International journal of systematic and evolutionary microbiology 68 (5 …, 2018
Shifts in the nasal microbiota of swine in response to different dosing regimens of oxytetracycline administration
KT Mou, HK Allen, DP Alt, J Trachsel, SJ Hau, JF Coetzee, DB Holman, ...
Veterinary microbiology 237, 108386, 2019
Paenibacillus 79R4, a potential rumen probiotic to enhance nitrite detoxification and methane mitigation in nitrate-treated ruminants
EA Latham, WE Pinchak, J Trachsel, HK Allen, TR Callaway, DJ Nisbet, ...
Science of the total environment 671, 324-328, 2019
Toward antibiotic stewardship: route of antibiotic administration impacts the microbiota and resistance gene diversity in swine feces
N Ricker, J Trachsel, P Colgan, J Jones, J Choi, J Lee, JF Coetzee, ...
Frontiers in veterinary science 7, 255, 2020
Isolation, characterization and strain selection of a Paenibacillus species for use as a probiotic to aid in ruminal methane mitigation, nitrate/nitrite detoxification and food …
EA Latham, WE Pinchak, J Trachsel, HK Allen, TR Callaway, DJ Nisbet, ...
Bioresource technology 263, 358-364, 2018
Intraepithelial T cells diverge by intestinal location as pigs age
JE Wiarda, JM Trachsel, ZF Bond, KA Byrne, NK Gabler, CL Loving
Frontiers in immunology 11, 1139, 2020
Intestinal colonization and acute immune response in commercial turkeys following inoculation with Campylobacter jejuni constructs encoding antibiotic-resistance markers
MJ Sylte, TA Johnson, EL Meyer, MH Inbody, J Trachsel, T Looft, L Susta, ...
Veterinary immunology and immunopathology 210, 6-14, 2019
The role of Salmonella genomic island 4 in metal tolerance of Salmonella enterica Serovar I 4,[5], 12: i:-pork outbreak isolate USDA15WA-1
BL Bearson, JM Trachsel, DC Shippy, SK Sivasankaran, BJ Kerr, ...
Genes 11 (11), 1291, 2020
Complete Genome Sequence of Multidrug-Resistant Salmonella enterica Serovar I 4,[5], 12: i:− 2015 US Pork Outbreak Isolate USDA15WA-1
BL Bearson, JM Trachsel, DB Holman, BW Brunelle, SK Sivasankaran, ...
Microbiology resource announcements 8 (40), e00791-19, 2019
Effect of sole or combined administration of nitrate and 3-nitro-1-propionic acid on fermentation and Salmonella survivability in alfalfa-fed rumen cultures in vitro
AC Correa, J Trachsel, HK Allen, A Corral-Luna, H Gutierrez-Bañuelos, ...
Bioresource technology 229, 69-77, 2017
Resistant potato starch fuels beneficial host-microbe interactions in the gut
J Trachsel, C Briggs, NK Gabler, HK Allen, CL Loving
Biorxiv, 389007, 2018
Re-Emergence of Salmonellosis in Hog Farms: Outbreak and Bacteriological Characterization
M Meneguzzi, C Pissetti, R Rebelatto, J Trachsel, SS Kuchiishi, AT Reis, ...
Microorganisms 9 (5), 947, 2021
Defining and modulating the butyrate-producing microbial community in the swine gut
JM Trachsel
Iowa State University, 2017
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