Salvatore Filippo Di Gennaro
Salvatore Filippo Di Gennaro
Institute of BioEconomy - National Council Research (IBE - CNR)
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Intercomparison of UAV, aircraft and satellite remote sensing platforms for precision viticulture
A Matese, P Toscano, SF Di Gennaro, L Genesio, FP Vaccari, J Primicerio, ...
Remote Sensing 7 (3), 2971-2990, 2015
A flexible unmanned aerial vehicle for precision agriculture
J Primicerio, SF Di Gennaro, E Fiorillo, L Genesio, E Lugato, A Matese, ...
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Forestry applications of UAVs in Europe: A review
C Torresan, A Berton, F Carotenuto, SF Di Gennaro, B Gioli, A Matese, ...
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A Matese, SF Di Gennaro, A Zaldei, L Genesio, FP Vaccari
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High-resolution UAV-based thermal imaging to estimate the instantaneous and seasonal variability of plant water status within a vineyard
LG Santesteban, SF Di Gennaro, A Herrero-Langreo, C Miranda, JB Royo, ...
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Technology in precision viticulture: A state of the art review
A Matese, SF Di Gennaro
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Assessment of a canopy height model (CHM) in a vineyard using UAV-based multispectral imaging
A Matese, SF Di Gennaro, A Berton
International Journal of Remote Sensing 38 (8-10), 2150-2160, 2017
Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV)-based remote sensing to monitor grapevine leaf stripe disease within a vineyard affected by esca complex
SF Di Gennaro, E Battiston, S Di Marco, O Facini, A Matese, M Nocentini, ...
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Practical applications of a multisensor UAV platform based on multispectral, thermal and RGB high resolution images in precision viticulture
A Matese, SF Di Gennaro
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Estimation of water stress in grapevines using proximal and remote sensing methods
A Matese, R Baraldi, A Berton, C Cesaraccio, SF Di Gennaro, P Duce, ...
Remote Sensing 10 (1), 114, 2018
Airborne high‐resolution images for grape classification: changes in correlation between technological and late maturity in a Sangiovese vineyard in Central Italy
E Fiorillo, A Crisci, T De Filippis, SF Di Gennaro, S Di Blasi, A Matese, ...
Australian Journal of Grape and Wine Research 18 (1), 80-90, 2012
UAV-based high-throughput phenotyping to discriminate barley vigour with visible and near-infrared vegetation indices
SF Di Gennaro, F Rizza, FW Badeck, A Berton, S Delbono, B Gioli, ...
International journal of remote sensing 39 (15-16), 5330-5344, 2018
Multisensor approach to assess vineyard thermal dynamics combining high-resolution unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) remote sensing and wireless sensor network (WSN) proximal sensing
SF Di Gennaro, A Matese, B Gioli, P Toscano, A Zaldei, A Palliotti, ...
Scientia Horticulturae 221, 83-87, 2017
A precision agriculture approach for durum wheat yield assessment using remote sensing data and yield mapping
P Toscano, A Castrignanò, SF Di Gennaro, AV Vonella, D Ventrella, ...
Agronomy 9 (8), 437, 2019
An open-source and low-cost monitoring system for precision enology
SF Di Gennaro, A Matese, M Mancin, J Primicerio, A Palliotti
Sensors 14 (12), 23388-23397, 2014
Spatial variability of meteorological conditions at different scales in viticulture
A Matese, A Crisci, SF Di Gennaro, J Primicerio, D Tomasi, P Marcuzzo, ...
Agricultural and Forest Meteorology 189, 159-167, 2014
A low-cost and unsupervised image recognition methodology for yield estimation in a vineyard
SF Di Gennaro, P Toscano, P Cinat, A Berton, A Matese
Frontiers in plant science 10, 559, 2019
Sentinel-2 validation for spatial variability assessment in overhead trellis system viticulture versus UAV and agronomic data
SF Di Gennaro, R Dainelli, A Palliotti, P Toscano, A Matese
Remote Sensing 11 (21), 2573, 2019
Mapping of vine vigor by UAV and anthocyanin content by a non-destructive fluorescence technique
A Matese, F Capraro, J Primicerio, G Gualato, SF Di Gennaro, G Agati
Precision agriculture’13, 201-208, 2013
NDVI-based vigour maps production using automatic detection of vine rows in ultra-high resolution aerial images
J Primicerio, P Gay, D Ricauda Aimonino, L Comba, A Matese, ...
Precision agriculture'15, 693-712, 2015
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