Karl Schweizerhof Prof. Dr.-Ing.
Karl Schweizerhof Prof. Dr.-Ing.
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A systematic development of ‘solid‐shell’element formulations for linear and non‐linear analyses employing only displacement degrees of freedom
R Hauptmann, K Schweizerhof
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Consistent linearization for path following methods in nonlinear FE analysis
KH Schweizerhof, P Wriggers
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M Schmitter, P Rammelsberg, J Lenz, S Scheuber, K Schweizerhof, ...
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Covariant description for frictional contact problems
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A Konyukhov, K Schweizerhof
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Volume‐dependent pressure loading and its influence on the stability of structures
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About linear and quadratic “solid-shell” elements at large deformations
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Crashworthiness analysis in the automotive industry
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A Konyukhov, K Schweizerhof
Computer Methods in Applied Mechanics and Engineering 198 (13-14), 1213-1223, 2009
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