Taras Chaban
Taras Chaban
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Synthesis, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant activities of novel 3H-thiazolo [4, 5-b] pyridines
TI Chaban, VV Ogurtsov, VS Matiychuk, IG Chaban, IL Demchuk, ...
Acta Chimica Slovenica 66 (1), 103-111, 2019
Synthesis and Antioxidant Activity Evaluation of Novel 5,7-dimethyl-3H-Thiazolo[4,5-B]Pyridines
TI Chaban, VV Ogurtsov, IG Chaban, OV Klenina, JD Komarytsia
Phosphorus, Sulfur, and Silicon and the Related Elements 188 (11), 1611-1620, 2013
Reaction of 4-iminothiazolidin-2-one with acetylacetone
TI Chaban, BS Zimenkovskii, ID Komaritsa, IG Chaban
Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry 48 (2), 268-272, 2012
Synthesis of some new N3 substituted 6-phenylazo-3Н-thiazolo [4, 5-b] pyridin-2-ones as possible anti-inflammatory agents
T Chaban, O Klenina, S Harkov, V Ogurtsov, I Chaban, I Nektegaev
Pharmacia 64 (4), 16-30, 2017
Synthesis of novel thiazolo [4, 5-b] pyridines as potential biologically active substances
TI Chaban, OV Klenina, BS Zimenkovsky, IG Chaban, VV Ogurtsov, ...
Der Pharma Chemica 18 (19), 534-542, 2016
Synthesis and evaluation of antitumor activity of some thiazolo| 4, 5-b| pyridines
TI Chaban, RR Panchuk, OV Klenina, NR Skorokhyd, VV Ogurtsov, ...
Biopolymers and Cell, 389-396, 2012
Qsar modeling for antioxidant activity of novel N3substituted 5, 7-dimethyl-3Н-thiazolo [4, 5-b] pyridin-2-ones
O Klenina, T Chaban, B Zimenkovsky, S Harkov, V Ogurtsov, I Chaban, ...
Pharmacia 64 (4), 49-71, 2017
Spectrophotometric studies of 4-[n’-(4-imino-2-oxo-thiazolidin-5-ylidene)-hydrazino]-benzenesulfonic acid as a reagent for the determination of Palladium
L Lozynska, O Tymoshuk, T Chaban
Acta Chimica Slovenica 62 (1), 159-167, 2015
Recent advances in synthesis and biological activity evaluation of condensed thiazoloquinazolines: A review
Z Chaban, S Harkov, T Chaban, O Klenina, V Ogurtsov, I Chaban
Pharmacia 64 (3), 52-66, 2017
QSAR studies of some thiazolo [4, 5-b] pyridines as novel antioxidant agents: enhancement of activity by some molecular structure parameters
O Klenina, I Drapak, T Chaban, V Ogurtsov, I Chaban, I Golos
Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2013
Synthesis of Some Novel Thiazolo (4, 5-b) Pyridinesand their Tuberculostatic Activity Evaluation
T Chaban, O Klenina, I Drapak, V Ogurtsov, I Chaban, V Novikov
Chemistry & Chemical Technology, 287-292, 2014
Synthesis and biological activity of some novel derivatives 5, 7-dimethyl-6-phenylazo-3Н-thiazolo [4, 5-b] pyridine-2-one
T Chaban, V Matiychuk, V Ogurtsov, I Chaban, S Harkov, I Nektegaev
Pharmacia 65 (4), 51-62, 2018
Thiazolo [5, 4-d] pyrimidines and thiazolo [4, 5-d] pyrimidines: A review on synthesis and Pharmacological importance of their derivatives
T Chaban, O Klenina, I Chaban, V Ogurtsov, S Harkov, M Lelyukh
Pharmacia 65 (2), 54-70, 2018
Spectrophotometric determination of ru (iv) using 5-hydroxyimino-4-imino-1, 3-thiazolidin-2-one as a novel analytical reagent
O Tymoshuk, L Oleksiv, L Khvalbota, T Chaban, I Patsay
Acta Chimica Slovenica 66 (1), 62-69, 2019
Polymer films with size-selected silver nanoparticles as plasmon resonance-based transducers for protein sensing.
M Hanif, RR Juluri, P Fojan, VN Popok
Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry 6 (5), 2016
Synthesis and Anticancer Activity of 2-Aryl-3-methylbenzofuro [3, 2-b] pyrazolo [4, 3-e] azepine-4, 11 (2 H, 10 H)-dione and 2-Aryl-3, 7, 9-trimethylpyrido [3', 2': 4, 5 …
TI Chaban, YE Matiichuk, VY Horishny, IG Chaban, VS Matiychuk
Russian Journal of Organic Chemistry 56 (5), 813-818, 2020
Synthesis, antimicrobial and antitumor activities of 2-[5-(2-R-benzyl) thiazol-2-ylimino] thiazolidin-4-ones
I Drapak, V Foliush, T Chaban, V Matiychuk
Biointerface Res Appl Chem 10 (3), 5507-11, 2020
Antioxidant properties of some novel derivatives thiazolo [4, 5-b] pyridine. Pharmacia 2019, 66, 171-180
T Chaban, V Ogurtsov, A Mahlovanyy, N Sukhodolska, I Chaban, ...
Synthesis of some new 4-iminothiazolidine-2-ones as possible antioxidants agents. Pharmacia 2019, 66, 27-32
T Chaban, V Ogurtsov, I Chaban, I Myrko, S Harkov, M Leluykh
Antitumor properties of thiazolo [4, 5-b] pyridin-2-one derivatives
T Chaban, V Matiychuk, A Mahlovanyy, I Chaban, V Ogurtsov, M Lelyukh
Biointerface Research in Applied Chemistry 10 (4), 5944-5950, 2020
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