Kriti Tyagi
Kriti Tyagi
Scientist, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research
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Giant enhancement in thermoelectric performance of copper selenide by incorporation of different nanoscale dimensional defect features
B Gahtori, S Bathula, K Tyagi, M Jayasimhadri, AK Srivastava, S Singh, ...
Nano Energy 13, 36-46, 2015
The effect of doping on thermoelectric performance of p-type SnSe: Promising thermoelectric material
NK Singh, S Bathula, B Gahtori, K Tyagi, D Haranath, A Dhar
Journal of Alloys and Compounds 668, 152-158, 2016
The role of nanoscale defect features in enhancing the thermoelectric performance of p-type nanostructured SiGe alloys
S Bathula, M Jayasimhadri, B Gahtori, NK Singh, K Tyagi, AK Srivastava, ...
Nanoscale 7 (29), 12474-12483, 2015
Thermoelectric and mechanical properties of spark plasma sintered Cu3SbSe3 and Cu3SbSe4: Promising thermoelectric materials
K Tyagi, B Gahtori, S Bathula, V Toutam, S Sharma, NK Singh, A Dhar
Applied Physics Letters 105 (26), 261902, 2014
Enhanced thermoelectric performance of spark plasma sintered copper-deficient nanostructured copper selenide
K Tyagi, B Gahtori, S Bathula, M Jayasimhadri, NK Singh, S Sharma, ...
Journal of Physics and Chemistry of Solids 81, 100-105, 2015
Electrical transport and mechanical properties of thermoelectric tin selenide
K Tyagi, B Gahtori, S Bathula, NK Singh, S Bishnoi, S Auluck, ...
RSC advances 6 (14), 11562-11569, 2016
Thermoelectric properties of Cu 3 SbSe 3 with intrinsically ultralow lattice thermal conductivity
K Tyagi, B Gahtori, S Bathula, AK Srivastava, AK Shukla, S Auluck, A Dhar
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 2 (38), 15829-15835, 2014
Crystal structure and mechanical properties of spark plasma sintered Cu2Se: An efficient photovoltaic and thermoelectric material
K Tyagi, B Gahtori, S Bathula, M Jayasimhadri, S Sharma, NK Singh, ...
Solid State Communications 207, 21-25, 2015
Microstructure and mechanical properties of thermoelectric nanostructured n-type silicon-germanium alloys synthesized employing spark plasma sintering
S Bathula, B Gahtori, M Jayasimhadri, SK Tripathy, K Tyagi, AK Srivastava, ...
Applied Physics Letters 105 (6), 061902, 2014
Host-Parasite Interaction: Selective Pv-fam-a Family Proteins of Plasmodium vivax Bind to a Restricted Number of Human Erythrocyte Receptors
M Zeeshan, RK Tyagi, K Tyagi, MS Alam, YD Sharma
The Journal of infectious diseases 211 (7), 1111-1120, 2015
Band structure and transport studies of copper selenide: An efficient thermoelectric material
K Tyagi, B Gahtori, S Bathula, S Auluck, A Dhar
Applied Physics Letters 105 (17), 173905, 2014
Double-Doping Approach to Enhancing the Thermoelectric Figure-of-Merit of n-Type Mg 2 Si Synthesized by Use of Spark Plasma Sintering
S Muthiah, B Sivaiah, B Gahtori, K Tyagi, AK Srivastava, BD Pathak, ...
Journal of electronic materials 43 (6), 2035-2039, 2014
Nanoporous morphology of alumina films prepared by sol–gel dip coating method on alumina substrate
M Pandey, K Tyagi, P Mishra, D Saha, K Sengupta, SS Islam
Journal of sol-gel science and technology 64 (2), 282-288, 2012
Enhanced thermoelectric performance of Pb doped Cu2SnSe3 synthesized employing spark plasma sintering
KS Prasad, A Rao, K Tyagi, NS Chauhan, B Gahtori, S Bathula, A Dhar
Physica B: Condensed Matter 512, 39-44, 2017
Thermoelectric properties of p-type sb-doped Cu 2 SnSe 3 near room and mid temperature applications
KS Prasad, A Rao, NS Chauhan, R Bhardwaj, A Vishwakarma, K Tyagi
Applied Physics A 124 (2), 1-8, 2018
Plasmodium vivax Tryptophan Rich Antigen PvTRAg36.6 Interacts with PvETRAMP and PvTRAg56.6 Interacts with PvMSP7 during Erythrocytic Stages of the Parasite
K Tyagi, ME Hossain, V Thakur, P Aggarwal, P Malhotra, A Mohmmed, ...
PLoS One 11 (3), e0151065, 2016
Thermoelectric properties of SnSe nanoribbons: a theoretical aspect
K Tyagi, K Waters, G Wang, B Gahtori, D Haranath, R Pandey
Materials Research Express 3 (3), 035013, 2016
Enhancement in thermoelectric performance of single step synthesized Mg doped Cu2Se: An experimental and theoretical study
R Bhardwaj, A Bhattacharya, K Tyagi, B Gahtori, NS Chauhan, ...
Intermetallics 112, 106541, 2019
Recognition of human erythrocyte receptors by the tryptophan-rich antigens of monkey malaria parasite Plasmodium knowlesi
K Tyagi, D Gupta, E Saini, S Choudhary, A Jamwal, MS Alam, M Zeeshan, ...
PLoS One 10 (9), e0138691, 2015
CD4+ T cell response correlates with naturally acquired antibodies against Plasmodium vivax tryptophan-rich antigens
M Zeeshan, K Tyagi, YD Sharma
Infection and immunity 83 (5), 2018-2029, 2015
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