Svetlana Vaschenko (Светлана Ващенко)
Svetlana Vaschenko (Светлана Ващенко)
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Plasmonic enhancement of molecular fluorescence near silver nanoparticles: theory, modeling, and experiment
DV Guzatov, SV Vaschenko, VV Stankevich, AY Lunevich, YF Glukhov, ...
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 116 (19), 10723-10733, 2012
Nonresonant surface-enhanced Raman scattering of ZnO quantum dots with Au and Ag nanoparticles
A Rumyantseva, S Kostcheev, PM Adam, SV Gaponenko, SV Vaschenko, ...
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Enhancement of Raman scattering of light by ultramarine microcrystals in presence of silver nanoparticles
EV Klyachkovskaya, DV Guzatov, ND Strekal, SV Vaschenko, ...
Journal of Raman Spectroscopy 43 (6), 741-744, 2012
Enhanced Raman scattering of ultramarine on Au-coated Ge/Si-nanostructures
E Klyachkovskaya, N Strekal, I Motevich, S Vaschenko, A Harbachova, ...
Plasmonics 6 (2), 413-418, 2011
Effect of the chemical state of silver on the luminescence properties of GeO 2-Eu 2 O 3-Ag films
GE Malashkevich, GP Shevchenko, SV Serezhkina, PP Pershukevich, ...
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Investigation of structural and compositional changes in silver-doped GeO2 thin films
SV Serezhkina, EA Tyavlovskaya, GP Shevchenko, SK Rakhmanov
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EV Klyachkovskaya, SV Vashchenko, AP Stupak, SV Gaponenko
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Plasmon-enhanced fluorescence of labeled biomolecules on top of a silver sol-gel film
SV Vaschenko, A Ramanenka, DV Guzatov, VV Stankevich, AY Lunevich, ...
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SV Serezhkina, LT Potapenko, YV Bokshits, GP Shevchenko, VV Sviridov
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OS Kulakovich, DV Korbutyak, SM Kalytchuk, SI Budzulyak, OA Kapush, ...
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EV Klyachkovskaya, ND Strekal, IG Motevich, SV Vashchenko, MY Valakh, ...
Optics and Spectroscopy 110 (1), 48-54, 2011
Surface enhanced Raman spectroscopy application for art materials identification
E Shabunya-Klyachkovskaya, O Kulakovich, S Vaschenko, D Guzatov, ...
Eur. J. Sci. Theol 12 (3), 211-220, 2016
Enhancement of labeled alpha-fetoprotein antibodies and antigen-antibody complexes fluorescence with silver nanocolloids
S Vaschenko, A Ramanenka, O Kulakovich, A Muravitskaya, D Guzatov, ...
Procedia engineering 140, 57-66, 2016
Thermostimulated processes of production of metal nanoparticles in oxide films formed by the sol-gel method
YV Bokshits, LT Potapenko, SV Serezhkina, GP Shevchenko
Materials Science 20 (4), 101-109, 2002
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EV Shabunya-Klyachkovskaya, SV Gaponenko, SV Vaschenko, ...
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On the nature of the processes occurring in silver doped SiO 2 films under heat treatment
GP Shevchenko, SV Vashchanka, YV Bokshits, SK Rakhmanov
Journal of sol-gel science and technology 45 (2), 143-149, 2008
Plasmonic Enhancement of Luminescence of Fluorscein Isothiocyanate and Human Immunoglobulin Conjugates
AA Ramanenka, SV Vaschenko, VV Stankevich, AY Lunevich, ...
Journal of Applied Spectroscopy 81 (2), 222-225, 2014
Thermally stimulated processes in Eu-containing oxide films with silver and gold nanoparticles
SV Vashchenko, YV Bokshits, AP Stupak, GP Shevchenko
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Formation of gold nanorods and gold nanorod films for surface-enhanced Raman scattering spectroscopy
LL Trotsyuk, OS Kulakovich, EV Shabunya-Klyachkovskaya, ...
Doklady Natsional'noj Akademii Nauk Belarusi 60 (4), 44-49, 2016
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