Susmita Saha
Susmita Saha
Post Doctorate Fellow at Uppsala University
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Grape extract assisted green synthesis of reduced graphene oxide for water treatment application
RK Upadhyay, N Soin, G Bhattacharya, S Saha, A Barman, SS Roy
Materials Letters 160, 355-358, 2015
Tunable Magnonic Spectra in Two‐Dimensional Magnonic Crystals with Variable Lattice Symmetry
S Saha, R Mandal, S Barman, D Kumar, B Rana, Y Fukuma, S Sugimoto, ...
Advanced Functional Materials 23 (19), 2378-2386, 2013
Optically induced tunable magnetization dynamics in nanoscale Co antidot lattices
R Mandal, S Saha, D Kumar, S Barman, S Pal, K Das, AK Raychaudhuri, ...
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Effects of antidot shape on the spin wave spectra of two-dimensional Ni80Fe20 antidot lattices
R Mandal, P Laha, K Das, S Saha, S Barman, AK Raychaudhuri, ...
Applied Physics Letters 103 (26), 262410, 2013
Tunable magnetization dynamics in interfacially modified Ni 81 Fe 19/Pt bilayer thin film microstructures
A Ganguly, S Azzawi, S Saha, JA King, RM Rowan-Robinson, ...
Scientific reports 5 (1), 1-8, 2015
Shape-and interface-induced control of spin dynamics of two-dimensional bicomponent magnonic crystals
S Choudhury, S Saha, R Mandal, S Barman, YC Otani, A Barman
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (28), 18339-18346, 2016
Tunable spin wave spectra in two-dimensional Ni80Fe20 antidot lattices with varying lattice symmetry
R Mandal, S Barman, S Saha, Y Otani, A Barman
Journal of Applied Physics 118 (5), 053910, 2015
Magnetization reversal dynamics in Co nanowires with competing magnetic anisotropies
S Pal, S Saha, D Polley, A Barman
Solid state communications 151 (24), 1994-1998, 2011
All-optical investigation of tunable picosecond magnetization dynamics in ferromagnetic nanostripes with a width down to 50 nm
S Saha, S Barman, YC Otani, A Barman
Nanoscale 7 (43), 18312-18319, 2015
Time-domain study of spin-wave dynamics in two-dimensional arrays of bi-component magnetic structures
S Saha, S Barman, J Ding, AO Adeyeye, A Barman
Applied Physics Letters 102 (24), 242409, 2013
Time-resolved measurement of spin-wave spectra in CoO capped [Co(t)/Pt(7Å)]n-1 Co(t) multilayer systems
S Pal, B Rana, S Saha, R Mandal, O Hellwig, J Romero-Vivas, S Mamica, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 111 (7), 07C507, 2012
Field-dependent spin waves in high-aspect-ratio single-crystal ferromagnetic nanowires
S Pal, S Saha, MV Kamalakar, A Barman
Nano Research 9 (5), 1426-1433, 2016
Fast and facile preparation of CTAB based gels and their applications in Au and Ag nanoparticles synthesis
RK Upadhyay, N Soin, S Saha, A Barman, SS Roy
Materials Chemistry and Physics 156, 105-112, 2015
Controlled motion of skyrmions in a magnetic antidot lattice
J Feilhauer, S Saha, J Tobik, M Zelent, LJ Heyderman, M Mruczkiewicz
Physical Review B 102 (18), 184425, 2020
Formation of Néel-type skyrmions in an antidot lattice with perpendicular magnetic anisotropy
S Saha, M Zelent, S Finizio, M Mruczkiewicz, S Tacchi, AK Suszka, ...
Physical Review B 100 (14), 144435, 2019
Enhanced amplification and fan-out operation in an all-magnetic transistor
S Barman, S Saha, S Mondal, D Kumar, A Barman
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-10, 2016
Tunable picosecond spin dynamics in two dimensional ferromagnetic nanodot arrays with varying lattice symmetry
S Saha, S Barman, S Sugimoto, YC Otani, A Barman
RSC Advances 5 (43), 34027-34031, 2015
Width dependent transition of quantized spin-wave modes in Ni80Fe20 square nanorings
C Banerjee, S Saha, S Barman, O Rousseau, YC Otani, A Barman
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ACS Nano 6, 3397 (2012)
R Mandal, S Saha, D Kumar, S Barman, S Pal, K Das, AK Raychaudhuri, ...
Crossref, 2012
Tunable magnetic anisotropy in two-dimensional arrays of Ni80Fe20 elements
S Saha, S Barman, J Ding, AO Adeyeye, A Barman
Applied Physics Letters 103 (24), 242416, 2013
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