Alberto Botta
Alberto Botta
Lecturer in Economics, Department of International Business and Economics, University of Greenwich
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A structuralist North–South model on structural change, economic growth and catching-up
A Botta
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Structural asymmetries at the roots of the eurozone crisis: What's new for industrial policy in the EU?
A Botta
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A Botta
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Economic development, structural change and natural resource booms: a structuralist perspective
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Fiscal policy, Eurobonds, and economic recovery: heterodox policy recipes against financial instability and sovereign debt crisis
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The theoretical weaknesses of the expansionary austerity doctrine
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Conflicting claims in the eurozone? Austerity's myopia and the need for a European Federal Union in a post-Keynesian eurozone center–periphery model
A Botta
Review of Keynesian Economics 2 (1), 45-70, 2014
The Complex Inequality–Innovation–Public Investment Nexus: What We (Don’t) Know, What We Should Know and What We Have to Do
A Botta
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Palestine: A theoretical model of an investment-constrained economy
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Fighting the COVID-19 Crisis: Debt Monetisation and EU Recovery Bonds
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When complexity meets finance: A contribution to the study of the macroeconomic effects of complex financial systems
A Botta, E Caverzasi, A Russo
Research Policy, 2020
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