Mariia Shanaida _ Shanayda M _ Шанайда М.І.
Mariia Shanaida _ Shanayda M _ Шанайда М.І.
I. Horbachevsky Ternopil National Medical University, DSc (Pharmacy), PhD (Biology)
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Health benefits of xylitol
A Gasmi Benahmed, A Gasmi, M Arshad, M Shanaida, R Lysiuk, et al.
Applied Microb. and Biotech. 104 (17), 7225-7237, 2020
Selenium: an antioxidant with a critical role in anti-aging
G Bjørklund, M Shanaida, R Lysiuk, H Antonyak, I Klishch, V Shanaida, ...
Molecules 27 (19), 6613, 2022
Polyphenols in metabolic diseases
A Gasmi, PK Mujawdiya, S Noor, R Lysiuk, R Darmohray, S Piscopo, ...
Molecules 27 (19), 6280, 2022
Application of the Folin-Ciocalteu method to the evaluation of Salvia sclarea extracts
N Hudz, O Yezerska, M Shanaida, VH Sedláčková, PP Wieczorek
Pharmacia 66 (4), 209-215, 2019
Natural compounds and products from an anti-aging perspective
G Bjørklund, M Shanaida, R Lysiuk, M Butnariu, M Peana, I Sarac, O Strus, ...
Molecules 27 (20), 7084, 2022
Chemical variability and pharmacological potential of propolis as a source for the development of new pharmaceutical products
PP Wieczorek, N Hudz, O Yezerska, V Horčinová-Sedláčková, ...
Molecules 27 (5), 1600, 2022
Quercetin in the prevention and treatment of coronavirus infections: a focus on SARS-CoV-2
A Gasmi, PK Mujawdiya, R Lysiuk, M Shanaida, M Peana, ...
Pharmaceuticals 15 (9), 1049, 2022
Phytochemical Evaluation of Tinctures and Essential Oil Obtained from Satureja montana Herb
N Hudz, E Makowicz, M Shanaida, M Białoń, I Jasicka-Misiak, O Yezerska, ...
Molecules 25 (20), 4763, 2020
Nanoderived Therapeutic Formulations with Curcumin in Inflammation-Related Diseases
C Quispe, N Cruz-Martins, ML Manca, M Manconi, O Sytar, N Hudz, ...
Oxidative Medicine and Cellular Longevity, 2021
A review on natural teeth whitening
AG Benahmed, A Gasmi, A Menzel, I Hrynovets, S Chirumbolo, ...
Journal of Oral Biosciences, 2022
Phenolic compounds of herbal infusions obtained from some species of the family
M Shanaida, O Golembiovska, N Hudz, PP Wieczorek
Current Issues in Pharmacy and Medical Sciences 31 (4), 194-199, 2018
Polyphenols and Pharmacological Screening of a Monarda fistulosa L. dry Extract Based on a Hydrodistilled Residue By-Product
M Shanaida, N Hudz, I Jasicka-Misiak, PP Wieczorek
Frontiers in Pharmacology 12, 563436, 2021
Development of high-performance thin layer chromatography method for identification of phenolic compounds and quantification of rosmarinic acid content in some species of the …
M Shanaida, I Jasicka-Misiak, E Makowicz, N Stanek, V Shanaida, ...
Journal of Pharmacy And Bioallied Sciences 12 (2), 139-145, 2020
Antioxidant activity of essential oils obtained from aerial part of some Lamiaceae species
M Shanaida, N Hudz, PP Wieczorek
International Journal of Green Pharmacy (IJGP) 12 (03), 2018
Chromatographic profiles and antimicrobial activity of the essential oils obtained from some species and cultivars of the Mentheae tribe (Lamiaceae)
M Shanaida, N Hudz, M Białoń, M Kryvtsowa, L Svydenko, A Filipska, ...
Saudi journal of biological sciences 28 (11), 6145-6152, 2021
Calanus oil in the treatment of obesity-related low-grade inflammation, insulin resistance, and atherosclerosis
A Gasmi, PK Mujawdiya, M Shanaida, A Ongenae, R Lysiuk, ...
Applied Microbiology and Biotechnology 104 (3), 967-979, 2020
Chromatographic analysis of organic acids, amino acids, and sugars in Ocimum americanum L.
M Shanaida, I Kernychna, Y Shanaida
Acta Poloniae Pharmaceutica - Drug Research. 74 (2), 729-734, 2017
Determination of Triterpenoids in Some Lamiaceae Species
M Shanaida, A Pryshlyak, O Golembiovska
Research Journal of Pharmacy and Technology. 7, 3113-3118, 2018
Natural dietary compounds in the treatment of arsenic toxicity
G Bjørklund, MS Rahaman, M Shanaida, R Lysiuk, P Oliynyk, L Lenchyk, ...
Molecules 27 (15), 4871, 2022
The role of astaxanthin as a nutraceutical in health and age-related conditions
G Bjørklund, A Gasmi, L Lenchyk, M Shanaida, S Zafar, PK Mujawdiya, ...
Molecules 27 (21), 7167, 2022
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