Ovadia Lev
Ovadia Lev
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Enzymes and other proteins entrapped in sol-gel materials
D Avnir, S Braun, O Lev, M Ottolenghi
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Recent bio-applications of sol–gel materials
D Avnir, T Coradin, O Lev, J Livage
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Organically modified sol-gel sensors
O Lev, M Tsionsky, L Rabinovich, V Glezer, S Sampath, I Pankratov, ...
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M Tsionsky, G Gun, V Glezer, O Lev
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High-capacity antimony sulphide nanoparticle-decorated graphene composite as anode for sodium-ion batteries
YW Denis, PV Prikhodchenko, CW Mason, SK Batabyal, J Gun, ...
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Scanning electrochemical microscopy. Introduction and principles
AJ Bard, FRF Fan, J Kwak, O Lev
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Sol-gel derived renewable-surface biosensors
I Pankratov, O Lev
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Exciting new directions in the intersection of functionalized sol–gel materials with electrochemistry
A Walcarius, D Mandler, JA Cox, M Collinson, O Lev
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Sol-gel vanadium pentaoxide glucose biosensor
V Glezer, O Lev
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Sol‐Gel Derived Composite Ceramic Carbon Electrodes
L Rabinovich, O Lev
Electroanalysis: An International Journal Devoted to Fundamental and …, 2001
Inert metal-modified, composite ceramic− carbon, amperometric biosensors: renewable, controlled reactive layer
S Sampath, O Lev
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Use of gold nanoparticles to enhance capillary electrophoresis
B Neiman, E Grushka, O Lev
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Direct synthesis and characterization of gold and other noble metal nanodispersions in sol− gel-derived organically modified silicates
S Bharathi, N Fishelson, O Lev
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Equilibrium distribution of polysulfide ions in aqueous solutions at 25 C: a new approach for the study of polysulfides' equilibria
A Kamyshny, A Goifman, J Gun, D Rizkov, O Lev
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Hydrolysis of haloacetonitriles: linear free energy relationship, kinetics and products
V Glezer, B Harris, N Tal, B Iosefzon, O Lev
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Diagnostic applications of organically doped sol-gel porous glass
O Lev
Analusis (Imprimé) 20 (9), 543-553, 1992
Doped sol-gel glasses as pH sensors
C Rottman, M Ottolenghi, R Zusman, O Lev, M Smith, G Gong, ML Kagan, ...
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Studies on charge transport in self-assembled gold− dithiol films: conductivity, photoconductivity, and photoelectrochemical measurements
N Fishelson, I Shkrob, O Lev, J Gun, AD Modestov
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Sol–gel luminescence biosensors: Encapsulation of recombinant E. coli reporters in thick silicate films
JR Premkumar, R Rosen, S Belkin, O Lev
Analytica Chimica Acta 462 (1), 11-23, 2002
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