Oleksii Fedorov
Oleksii Fedorov
senior lecturer, Kharkiv National University of Radio Electronics
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Methods of signal detection and recognition to perform frequency resource sharing in cognitive radio networks
V Bezruk, S Ivanenko, O Fedorov, Z Němec, J Pidanič
Future Intent-Based Networking: On the QoS Robust and Energy Efficient …, 2021
A referenceless psnr estimator of compressed jpeg images
O Fedorov, M Rodyhin
2016 26th International Conference Radioelektronika (RADIOELEKTRONIKA), 227-230, 2016
Polynomial regression coefficients estimation in finite differences space
AV Omelchenko, OV Fedorov
2015 25th International Conference Radioelektronika (RADIOELEKTRONIKA), 257-260, 2015
Detection and Recognition of Signals in HF Radio Monitoring
V Bezruk, S Ivanenko, O Fedorov, Z Němec, J Pidanič
2019 29th International Conference Radioelektronika (RADIOELEKTRONIKA), 1-5, 2019
Designing a polynomial regression experiment at researching into decision rules of signal recognition by modeling
AV Fedorov, AV Omelchenko
2013 IEEE 7th International Conference on Intelligent Data Acquisition and …, 2013
Detecting unknown signals in radio monitoring systems
V Bezruk, O Fedorov, Z Němec
2017 27th International Conference Radioelektronika (RADIOELEKTRONIKA), 1-4, 2017
Selection and Recognition of Statistically Defined Signals in Learning Systems
V Bezruk, A Omelchenko, O Fedorov, P Mercorelli, JIN Hipólito
IECON 2018-44th Annual Conference of the IEEE Industrial Electronics Society …, 2018
Detection of DCT coefficient modulation schemes in JPEG images
O Fedorov, A Rubel, A Omelchenko
2016 26th International Conference Radioelektronika (RADIOELEKTRONIKA), 231-234, 2016
Network traffic shaping based on prediction of polynomial trend self-similar time series
AV Omelchenko, EA Rozdymakha, OV Fedorovz
2015 25th International Conference Radioelektronika (RADIOELEKTRONIKA), 450-452, 2015
Detection of Hidden Data Embedded by the Koch and Zhao Method
AS Rubel, O Fedorov, AV Omelchenko
Kharkiv, Ukraine, 2015
Employing Quantile and Probability Plots for Comparing and Assessing Goodness of Fit for Stochastic Models of the DCT Coefficients of Lossy Compressed Images
D Kotov, O Fedorov, A Omelchenko, J Pidanič, P Doležel
2023 33rd International Conference Radioelektronika (RADIOELEKTRONIKA), 1-4, 2023
Design and Implementation of Probabilistic Methods for Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radios
A Ponomarov, S Ivanenko, O Fedorov, V Bezruk, J Pidanič, P Doležel
The 2022 IEEE Asia Pacific Conference on Wireless and Mobile, 2022
Methods of Signal Detection and Recognition in Cognitive Radio Networks
V Bezruk, I Stanislav, O Fedorov
Vorobiyenko P., Ilchenko M., Strelkovska I. (eds) Current Trends in …, 2021
Tuning Parameters of the Koch and Zhao Stego Algorithm
O Fedorov, A Omelchenko, A Yaurov
2019 29th International Conference Radioelektronika (RADIOELEKTRONIKA), 1-5, 2019
Managing embedding parameters of DCT coefficient steganography algorithms subject to the given value of the JPEG quality factor
M Rodyhin, O Fedorov
2015 Second International Scientific-Practical Conference Problems of …, 2015
Considering image structural properties while estimating compressed jpeg image quality
МВ Родигін, ОВ Федоров
Eastern-European Journal of Enterprise Technologies 6 (4 (78)), 54-64, 2015
Techniques of random signal recognition for solution to applied problems
V Bezruk, A Omelchenko, O Fedorov
Publishing House of Lviv Polytechnic National University, 2014
Managing Embedding Parameters of DCT Coefficient Steganography Algorithms Subject to the Given Value of the JPEG Quality Factor
R Mykhailo, F Oleksii
Network Traffic Shaping with the Aid of Linear Prediction Models
EA Rozdimakha, AV Omelchenko, OV Fedorov
Quality Estimation of a Compressed JPEG Image
R Mykhailo, F Oleksii
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