Agata Kaminska
Agata Kaminska
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Photoluminescence studies of Mn4+ ions in YAlO3 crystals at ambient and high pressure
Y Zhydachevskii, D Galanciak, S Kobyakov, M Berkowski, A Kamińska, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 18 (49), 11385, 2006
Lattice parameters and stability of the spinel compounds in relation to the ionic radii and electronegativities of constituting chemical elements
MG Brik, A Suchocki, A Kaminska
Inorganic chemistry 53 (10), 5088-5099, 2014
Spectroscopy of near-stoichiometric crystals under high pressure
A Kamińska, A Suchocki, L Arizmendi, D Callejo, F Jaque, M Grinberg
Physical Review B 62 (16), 10802, 2000
Bowing of the band gap pressure coefficient in alloys
G Franssen, I Gorczyca, T Suski, A Kamińska, J Pereiro, E Munoz, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 103 (3), 033514, 2008
Pressure-induced luminescence of cerium-doped gadolinium gallium garnet crystal
A Kaminska, A Duzynska, M Berkowski, S Trushkin, A Suchocki
Physical Review B 85 (15), 155111, 2012
-doped yttrium aluminum garnet crystal as a near-infrared pressure sensor for diamond anvil cells
S Kobyakov, A Kamińska, A Suchocki, D Galanciak, M Malinowski
Applied physics letters 88 (23), 234102, 2006
Low-temperature high-pressure spectroscopy of lanthanum lutetium gallium garnet crystals doped with and
A Kamińska, P Kaczor, A Durygin, A Suchocki, M Grinberg
Physical Review B 65 (10), 104106, 2002
Role of conduction-band filling in the dependence of InN photoluminescence on hydrostatic pressure
A Kamińska, G Franssen, T Suski, I Gorczyca, NE Christensen, A Svane, ...
Physical Review B 76 (7), 075203, 2007
Electronic structure of Ce3+ multicenters in yttrium aluminum garnets
H Przybylińska, CG Ma, MG Brik, A Kamińska, P Sybilski, A Wittlin, ...
Applied physics letters 102 (24), 241112, 2013
Evidence of multicenter structure of cerium ions in gadolinium gallium garnet crystals studied by infrared absorption spectroscopy
H Przybylińska, CG Ma, MG Brik, A Kamińska, J Szczepkowski, P Sybilski, ...
Physical Review B 87 (4), 045114, 2013
Luminescence of crystals under high pressure
A Kamińska, JE Dmochowski, A Suchocki, J Garcia-Sole, F Jaque, ...
Physical Review B 60 (11), 7707, 1999
Anomalous composition dependence of the band gap pressure coefficients in In-containing nitride semiconductors
I Gorczyca, A Kamińska, G Staszczak, R Czernecki, SP Łepkowski, ...
Physical Review B 81 (23), 235206, 2010
Rare-earth antisites in lutetium aluminum garnets: Influence on lattice parameter and Ce3+ multicenter structure
H Przybylińska, A Wittlin, CG Ma, MG Brik, A Kamińska, P Sybilski, ...
Optical Materials 36 (9), 1515-1519, 2014
Different pressure behavior of GaN/AlGaN quantum structures grown along polar and nonpolar crystallographic directions
H Teisseyre, A Kamińska, G Franssen, A Dussaigne, N Grandjean, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 105 (6), 063104, 2009
Built-in electric field and large Stokes shift in near-lattice-matched quantum wells
G Franssen, T Suski, M Kryśko, A Khachapuridze, R Kudrawiec, ...
Applied Physics Letters 92 (20), 201901, 2008
Probability of transitions in gadolinium gallium garnet crystals at high hydrostatic pressures
A Kamińska, S Biernacki, S Kobyakov, A Suchocki, G Boulon, ...
Physical Review B 75 (17), 174111, 2007
The structural and optical properties of ZnO bulk and nanocrystals under high pressure
A Duzynska, R Hrubiak, V Drozd, H Teisseyre, W Paszkowicz, A Reszka, ...
High Pressure Research 32 (3), 354-363, 2012
On the origin of the yellow donor-acceptor pair emission in GaN
M Godlewski, VY Ivanov, A Kamińska, HY Zuo, EM Goldys, TL Tansley, ...
Materials Science Forum 258 (PART 2), 1149-1154, 1997
Correlation of optical and structural properties of GaN/AlN multi-quantum wells—Ab initio and experimental study
A Kaminska, P Strak, J Borysiuk, K Sobczak, JZ Domagala, M Beeler, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 119 (1), 015703, 2016
Dominant shallow donors in zinc oxide layers obtained by low-temperature atomic layer deposition: Electrical and optical investigations
TA Krajewski, K Dybko, G Luka, E Guziewicz, P Nowakowski, ...
Acta materialia 65, 69-75, 2014
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