Liubov Zelena
Liubov Zelena
Zabolotny Institute of Microbiology and Virology, NAS Ukraine
Подтвержден адрес электронной почты в домене
Heterologous array analysis in Pinaceae: hybridization of Pinus taeda cDNA arrays with cDNA from needles and embryogenic cultures of P. taeda, P. sylvestris or Picea abies
L van Zyl, S von Arnold, P Bozhkov, Y Chen, U Egertsdotter, J MacKay, ...
Comparative and functional genomics 3 (4), 306-318, 2002
Pseudomonas batumici sp. nov., the antibiotic-producing bacteria isolated from soil of the Caucasus Black Sea coast.
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Indications of limited altered gene expression in Pinus sylvestris trees from the Chernobyl region
L Zelena, B Sorochinsky, S Von Arnold, L Van Zyl, DH Clapham
Journal of environmental radioactivity 84 (3), 363-373, 2005
Adaptation strategy of barley plants to UV-B radiation.
EA Kravets, LB Zelena, EP Zabara, YB Blume
Emirates Journal of Food & Agriculture (EJFA) 24 (6), 2012
Prospects of a new antistaphylococcal drug batumin revealed by molecular docking and analysis of the complete genome sequence of the batumin-producer Pseudomonas batumici UCM B-321
VV Klochko, LB Zelena, JY Kim, LV Avdeeva, ON Reva
International journal of antimicrobial agents 47 (1), 56-61, 2016
Does the applicability of Bacillus strains in probiotics rely upon their taxonomy?
LA Safronova, LB Zelena, VV Klochko, ON Reva
Canadian journal of microbiology, 2012
Influence of ultrahigh frequency irradiation on Photobacterium phosphoreum luxb gene expression
L Zelena, I Gretsky, E Gromozova
Open Life Sciences 9 (10), 1004-1010, 2014
Microorganisms as a model system for studying the biological effects of electromagnetic non-ionizing radiation
EN Gromozova, SI Voychuk, LB Zelena, IA Gretckey
Safety Engineering 2 (2), 89-92, 2012
Multistage selection of soil actinomycete Streptomyces albus as a producer of antimicrobial substances
T Todosiichuk, L Zelena, V Klochko
Emirates Journal of Food and Agriculture 27 (3), 250-257, 2015
Peculiarities of Alteromonas macleodii strains reflects their deep/surface habitation rather than geographical distribution
V Klochko, L Zelena, S Voychuk, A Ostapchuk
J Gen Appl Microbiol. 58 (2), 129-135, 2012
A new Rhodococcus aetherivorans strain isolated from lubricant-contaminated soil as a prospective phenol-biodegrading agent
T Nogina, M Fomina, T Dumanskaya, L Zelena, L Khomenko, ...
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Taxonomic analysis of the Streptomyces sp. 2435 strain, a producer of antimicrobial substances.
TS Todosiichuk, VV Klochko, LB Zelena
Mikrobiol. Z. 76 (1), 3-8, 2014
Geno- and phenotypic characteristic of Bacillus strains--components of endosporin
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Mikrobiol Z. 74 (5), 55-65, 2012
Genotypic, physiological and biochemical features of Desulfovibrio strains in a sulfidogenic microbial community isolated from the soil of ferrosphere
N Tkachuk, L Zelena, P Mazur, O Lukash
Ecological questions 31 (2), 79-88, 2020
Is the cytoskeleton involved in the irradiation-induced abnormal morphogenesis of coniferous plants?
B Sorochinsky, L Zelena
Cell biology international 27 (3), 275-277, 2003
Complex identification of red yeast isolate from gastrointestinal tract of Hucul long-liver (Carpathians, Ukraine)
MA Fomina, LV Polishchuk, KS Tkachenko, JW Hong, LB Zelena, ...
Мікробіологічний журнал, 2-11, 2016
Antifungal activity and gene expression of lipopeptide antibiotics in strains of genus Bacillus
AY Grabova, IV Dragovoz, LB Zelena, DM Tkachuk, LV Avdeeva
Вiopolymers and Cell, 2016
Особенности состава, пробиотические свойства и идентификация нормофлоры людей старших возрастных групп
НК Коваленко, ИЛ Гармашева, ОА Полтавская, ЛБ Зеленая, ...
Пробл. старения и долголетия.—2011.—20 (2).—С 169176, 2011
Differentiation of the Domestic Horse and Przewalski’s Horse with the Use of Various DNA Sequences
VI Glazko, LB Zelenaya
Russian Journal of Genetics 34 (7), 831-834, 1998
Identification of Enterococci strains].
IL Harmasheva, NK Kovalenko, LB Zelena
Mikrobiolohichnyĭ zhurnal (Kiev, Ukraine: 1993) 71 (2), 3-12, 2009
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