Chathurika Abeyrathne
Chathurika Abeyrathne
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Measurement and analysis of electromagnetic fields from trams, trains and hybrid cars
MN Halgamuge, CD Abeyrathne, P Mendis
Radiation protection dosimetry 141 (3), 255-268, 2010
Lab on a chip sensor for rapid detection and antibiotic resistance determination of Staphylococcus aureus
CD Abeyrathne, DH Huynh, TW Mcintire, TC Nguyen, B Nasr, D Zantomio, ...
Analyst 141 (6), 1922-1929, 2016
Ultrananocrystalline diamond-CMOS device integration route for high acuity retinal prostheses
A Ahnood, MC Escudie, R Cicione, CD Abeyrathne, K Ganesan, KE Fox, ...
Biomedical microdevices 17 (3), 1-11, 2015
Behavior of charged particles in a biological cell exposed to AC-DC electromagnetic fields
MN Halgamuge, CD Abeyrathne
Environmental Engineering Science 28 (1), 1-10, 2011
An ab-initio computational method to determine dielectric properties of biological materials
CD Abeyrathne, MN Halgamuge, PM Farrell, E Skafidas
Scientific reports 3 (1), 1-5, 2013
An interdigitated electrode biosensor platform for rapid HLA-B* 15: 02 genotyping for prevention of drug hypersensitivity
GV Soraya, J Chan, TC Nguyen, DH Huynh, CD Abeyrathne, G Chana, ...
Biosensors and Bioelectronics 111, 174-183, 2018
Environmentally friendly power generator based on moving liquid dielectric and double layer effect
DH Huynh, TC Nguyen, PD Nguyen, CD Abeyrathne, MS Hossain, ...
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-10, 2016
Performance analysis of on-chip coplanar waveguide for in vivo dielectric analysis
CD Abeyrathne, MN Halgamuge, PM Farrell, E Skafidas
IEEE Transactions on Instrumentation and Measurement 62 (3), 641-647, 2012
GFAP antibody detection using interdigital coplanar waveguide immunosensor
CD Abeyrathne, DH Huynh, TT Lee, TC Nguyen, B Nasr, G Chana, ...
IEEE Sensors Journal 16 (9), 2898-2905, 2016
A label-free, quantitative fecal hemoglobin detection platform for colorectal cancer screening
GV Soraya, TC Nguyen, CD Abeyrathne, DH Huynh, J Chan, PD Nguyen, ...
Biosensors 7 (2), 19, 2017
Vertical Nanowire Electrode Arrays as Novel Electrochemical Label‐Free Immunosensors
B Nasr, G Chana, TT Lee, T Nguyen, C Abeyrathne, GM D'Abaco, ...
Small 11 (24), 2862-2868, 2015
Dielectric properties of liquid phase molecular clusters using the external field method: molecular dynamics study
CD Abeyrathne, MN Halgamuge, PM Farrell, E Skafidas
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16 (27), 13943-13947, 2014
Development of an ultrasensitive impedimetric immunosensor platform for detection of plasmodium lactate dehydrogenase
YK Low, J Chan, GV Soraya, C Buffet, CD Abeyrathne, DH Huynh, ...
Sensors 19 (11), 2446, 2019
Ultrasensitive and label-free biosensor for the detection of Plasmodium falciparum histidine-rich protein II in saliva
GV Soraya, CD Abeyrathne, C Buffet, DH Huynh, SM Uddin, J Chan, ...
Scientific reports 9 (1), 1-10, 2019
Comparison of corrected calibration independent transmission coefficient method to estimate complex permittivity
CD Abeyrathne, MN Halgamuge, PM Farrell, E Skafidas
Sensors and Actuators A: Physical 189, 466-473, 2013
Measurements performed in electric trains-Comparison with ICNIRP Limit & Laboratory Experiments. Measurement and Analysis of Electromagnetic Fields from Trams, Trains and …
MN Halgamuge, CD Abeyrathne, P Mendis
Radiation Protection Dosimetry 141 (3), 255-268, 2010
Effect of cyclotron resonance frequencies in particles due to AC and DC electromagnetic fields
MN Halgamuge, CD Abeyrathne, P Mendis
World Academy of Science, Engineering and Technology 52, 416-419, 2009
Complex permittivity measurements in 1–30 GHz using a MEMS probe
CD Abeyrathne, E Skafidas
Journal of Microelectromechanical Systems 24 (4), 976-981, 2014
On the utility of dielectric spectroscopy techniques to identify compounds and estimate concentrations of binary mixtures
CD Abeyrathne, MN Halgamuge, PM Farrell, E Skafidas
IEEE sensors journal 14 (2), 538-546, 2013
Influence of combined AC–DC electromagnetic fields on cell plasma membrane
MN Halgamuge, CD Abeyrathne, P Mendis
Bioelectromagnetics (Davos, Switzerland), 2009
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