Alexey Y. Koposov
Alexey Y. Koposov
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Effect of air exposure on surface properties, electronic structure, and carrier relaxation in PbSe nanocrystals
M Sykora, AY Koposov, JA McGuire, RK Schulze, O Tretiak, JM Pietryga, ...
ACS nano 4 (4), 2021-2034, 2010
Heavily doped n-type PbSe and PbS nanocrystals using ground-state charge transfer from cobaltocene
W Koh, AY Koposov, JT Stewart, BN Pal, I Robel, JM Pietryga, VI Klimov
Scientific reports 3 (1), 1-8, 2013
CdSe quantum-dot-sensitized solar cell with∼ 100% internal quantum efficiency
N Fuke, LB Hoch, AY Koposov, VW Manner, DJ Werder, A Fukui, N Koide, ...
Acs Nano 4 (11), 6377-6386, 2010
Esters of 2-iodoxybenzoic acid: hypervalent iodine oxidizing reagents with a pseudobenziodoxole structure
VV Zhdankin, AY Koposov, DN Litvinov, MJ Ferguson, R McDonald, T Luu, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 70 (16), 6484-6491, 2005
IBX amides: a new family of hypervalent iodine reagents
VV Zhdankin, AY Koposov, BC Netzel, NV Yashin, BP Rempel, ...
Angewandte Chemie 115 (19), 2244-2246, 2003
Preparation, characterization, molecular and electronic structures, TDDFT, and TDDFT/PCM study of the solvatochromism in cyanovinylferrocenes
VN Nemykin, EA Makarova, JO Grosland, RG Hadt, AY Koposov
Inorganic chemistry 46 (23), 9591-9601, 2007
Simple yet Versatile Synthesis of CuInSexS2–x Quantum Dots for Sunlight Harvesting
H McDaniel, AY Koposov, S Draguta, NS Makarov, JM Pietryga, VI Klimov
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 118 (30), 16987-16994, 2014
Synthesis, Structure, and Chemoselective Reactivity of N‐(2‐Iodylphenyl)acylamides: Hypervalent Iodine Reagents Bearing a Pseudo‐Six‐Membered Ring Scaffold
U Ladziata, AY Koposov, KY Lo, J Willging, VN Nemykin, VV Zhdankin
Angewandte Chemie 117 (43), 7289-7293, 2005
Synthesis and structure of amino acid-derived benziodazoles: New hypervalent iodine heterocycles
VV Zhdankin, AY Koposov, L Su, VV Boyarskikh, BC Netzel, VG Young
Organic letters 5 (9), 1583-1586, 2003
Effect of deprotonation on absorption and emission spectra of Ru (II)-bpy complexes functionalized with carboxyl groups
E Badaeva, VV Albert, S Kilina, A Koposov, M Sykora, S Tretiak
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 12 (31), 8902-8913, 2010
Mercury-free preparation, characterization, and molecular structure of tricyanovinylferrocene using an unusual reaction between ferrocene and tetracyanoethylene
VN Nemykin, AY Maximov, AY Koposov
Organometallics 26 (13), 3138-3148, 2007
2-Iodylphenol ethers: Preparation, X-ray crystal structure, and reactivity of new hypervalent iodine (V) oxidizing reagents
AY Koposov, RR Karimov, IM Geraskin, VN Nemykin, VV Zhdankin
The Journal of organic chemistry 71 (22), 8452-8458, 2006
Secondary bonding-directed self-assembly of amino acid derived benziodazoles: Synthesis and structure of novel hypervalent iodine macrocycles
VV Zhdankin, AE Koposov, JT Smart, RR Tykwinski, R McDonald, ...
Journal of the American Chemical Society 123 (17), 4095-4096, 2001
Preparation and Reductive Decomposition of 2‐Iodoxybenzenesulfonic Acid. X‐ray Crystal Structure of 1‐Hydroxy‐1H‐1,2,3‐benziodoxathiole 3,3‐Dioxide
AY Koposov, DN Litvinov, VV Zhdankin, MJ Ferguson, R McDonald, ...
European journal of organic chemistry 2006 (21), 4791-4795, 2006
RuCl3-Catalyzed oxidation of iodoarenes with peracetic acid: new facile preparation of iodylarenes
AY Koposov, RR Karimov, AA Pronin, T Skrupskaya, MS Yusubov, ...
The Journal of organic chemistry 71 (26), 9912-9914, 2006
2-Iodoxybenzenesulfamides: new pseudobenziodoxole-based hypervalent iodine reagents
AY Koposov, DN Litvinov, VV Zhdankin
Tetrahedron letters 45 (13), 2719-2721, 2004
Mixed-valence states formation in conformationally flexible metal-free 5, 10, 15, 20-tetraferrocenylporphyrin and 5, 10-bisferrocenyl-15, 20-bisphenylporphyrin
VN Nemykin, CD Barrett, RG Hadt, RI Subbotin, AY Maximov, EV Polshin, ...
Dalton Transactions, 3378-3389, 2007
Amino acid-derived iodobenzene dicarboxylates: Reagents for oxidative conversion of alkenes to amino acid esters
AY Koposov, VV Boyarskikh, VV Zhdankin
Organic letters 6 (20), 3613-3615, 2004
Role of solvent–oxygen ion pairs in photooxidation of cdse nanocrystal quantum dots
VW Manner, AY Koposov, P Szymanski, VI Klimov, M Sykora
ACS nano 6 (3), 2371-2377, 2012
Self-assembly of hydroxy (phenyl) iodonium ions in acidic aqueous solution: Preparation, and X-ray crystal structures of oligomeric phenyliodine (III) sulfates
VN Nemykin, AY Koposov, BC Netzel, MS Yusubov, VV Zhdankin
Inorganic chemistry 48 (11), 4908-4917, 2009
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