Marek Grinberg
Marek Grinberg
Professor of Physics, University of Gdansk
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Narrow Red Emission Band Fluoride Phosphor KNaSiF6:Mn4+ for Warm White Light-Emitting Diodes
Y Jin, MH Fang, M Grinberg, S Mahlik, T Lesniewski, MG Brik, GY Luo, ...
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (18), 11194-11203, 2016
High Color Rendering Index of Rb2GeF6:Mn4+ for Light-Emitting Diodes
WL Wu, MH Fang, W Zhou, T Lesniewski, S Mahlik, M Grinberg, MG Brik, ...
Chemistry of Materials 29 (3), 935-939, 2017
Time-resolved streak camera system with solid state laser and optical parametric generator in different spectroscopic applications
AA Kubicki, P Bojarski, M Grinberg, M Sadownik, B Kukliński
Optics communications 263 (2), 275-280, 2006
Green Light-Excitable Ce-Doped Nitridomagnesoaluminate Sr[Mg2Al2N4] Phosphor for White Light-Emitting Diodes
JL Leaño Jr, SY Lin, A Lazarowska, S Mahlik, M Grinberg, C Liang, ...
Chemistry of Materials 28 (19), 6822-6825, 2016
Excited state spectroscopy of chromium ions in various valence states in glasses
C Koepke, K Wisniewski, M Grinberg
Journal of alloys and compounds 341 (1-2), 19-27, 2002
Super broadband near-infrared phosphors with high radiant flux as future light sources for spectroscopy applications
V Rajendran, MH Fang, GND Guzman, T Lesniewski, S Mahlik, ...
ACS Energy Letters 3 (11), 2679-2684, 2018
Spectroscopy of near-stoichiometric crystals under high pressure
A Kamińska, A Suchocki, L Arizmendi, D Callejo, F Jaque, M Grinberg
Physical Review B 62 (16), 10802, 2000
Spectroscopy and analysis of radiative and nonradiative processes in : crystals
M Grinberg, A Mandelis, K Fjeldsted, A Othonos
Physical Review B 48 (9), 5922, 1993
Luminescence properties of phosphors based on Tb 3 Al 5 O 12 (TbAG) terbium-aluminum garnet
Y Zorenko, V Gorbenko, T Voznyak, T Zorenko, B Kuklinski, ...
Optics and Spectroscopy 106 (3), 365-374, 2009
2E→ 4A2 fluorescence of Cr3+ in high and intermediate field garnets
M Grinberg
Journal of luminescence 54 (6), 369-382, 1993
Theory of interconfigurational nonradiative transitions in transition-metal ions in solids and application to the : system
M Grinberg, A Mandelis, K Fjeldsted
Physical Review B 48 (9), 5935, 1993
Control of Luminescence by Tuning of Crystal Symmetry and Local Structure in Mn4+‐Activated Narrow Band Fluoride Phosphors
MH Fang, WL Wu, Y Jin, T Lesniewski, S Mahlik, M Grinberg, MG Brik, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57 (7), 1797-1801, 2018
Influence of high pressure on the luminescence transitions of Mn4+-doped gadolinium gallium garnet
D Galanciak, M Grinberg, W Gryk, S Kobyakov, A Suchocki, G Boulon, ...
Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter 17 (46), 7185, 2005
Impurity-trapped excitons: Experimental evidence and theoretical concept
M Grinberg, S Mahlik
Journal of non-crystalline solids 354 (35-39), 4163-4169, 2008
Inhomogeneous broadening of optical transitions dominated by low-symmetry crystal-field components in -doped gallogermanates
M Grinberg, PI Macfarlane, B Henderson, K Holliday
Physical Review B 52 (6), 3917, 1995
Binding energies of Eu2+ and Eu3+ ions in β-Ca2SiO4 doped with europium
A Baran, J Barzowska, M Grinberg, S Mahlik, K Szczodrowski, Y Zorenko
Optical Materials 35 (12), 2107-2114, 2013
Pressure-induced changes in the energetic structure of the 3d3 ions in solid matrices
M Grinberg, A Suchocki
Journal of luminescence 125 (1-2), 97-103, 2007
The luminescence of CaWO4: Bi single crystals
Y Zorenko, M Pashkovsky, A Voloshinovskii, B Kuklinski, M Grinberg
Journal of luminescence 116 (1-2), 43-51, 2006
Improvement of the Water Resistance of a Narrow‐Band Red‐Emitting SrLiAl3N4:Eu2+ Phosphor Synthesized under High Isostatic Pressure through Coating with …
YT Tsai, HD Nguyen, A Lazarowska, S Mahlik, M Grinberg, RS Liu
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 55 (33), 9652-9656, 2016
Inhomogeneous broadening of luminescence in doped
M Grinberg, J Barzowska, YR Shen, KL Bray
Physical Review B 63 (21), 214104, 2001
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