H'Linh Hmŏk
H'Linh Hmŏk
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Dielectric and piezoelectric properties of the KNN ceramic compound doped with Li, La and Ta
J Fuentes, J Portelles, MD Durruthy-Rodríguez, H H’Mok, O Raymond, ...
Applied Physics A 118 (2), 709-715, 2015
Theoretical justification of stable ferromagnetism in ferroelectric BiFeO3 by first-principles
HL H'Mŏk, E Martínez Aguilar, J Antúnez García, J Ribas Ariño, L Mestres, ...
Computational Materials Science 164, 66-73, 2019
First-principles study of the coexisting ferroelectric and ferromagnetic properties of the La0. 75Bi0. 25CrO3 compound
E Martínez-Aguilar, HL H'Mŏk, JR Ariño, JMS Beltrones
Computational Materials Science 171, 109262, 2020
Structure and piezo-ferroelectricity relationship study of (K0. 5 Na0. 5) 0.985 La0. 005 NbO3 epitaxial films deposited on SrTiO3 by sputtering
HL H'Mok, E Martinez-Aguilar, JJ Gervacio-Arciniega, X Vendrell, ...
Scientific Reports 7, 2017
Study of Lead-free Ceramics of the [(K0. 5Na0. 5) 0.94 Li 0.06] 0.97 La0. 01 (Nb0. 9Ta0. 1) O3 Piezoelectric Composite
H H’Mok, A Duarte, J Portelles, J Fuentes, MD Durruthy-Rodríguez, ...
Revista Cubana De Fisica 29 (1), 28-32, 2012
Piezoresponse force microscopy imaging and its correlation with cantilever spring constant and frequency
O Solís Canto, EA Murillo-Bracamontes, JJ Gervacio-Arciniega, ...
Journal of Applied Physics 128 (8), 084101, 2020
Effect of La doping on the ferroelectric and optical properties of BiFeO3: a theoretical-experimental study
E Martínez-Aguilar, HL Hmŏk, JM Siqueiros
Materials Research Express 6 (8), 2019
Tailoring the properties of BiFeO3 for photovoltaic applications through first-principles calculations
E Martínez-Aguilar, HL H´Mŏk, MG Moreno-Armenta, JM Siqueiros
FERROELECTRICS 535 (1), 82–92, 2018
Effect of Cr3+ doped on electronic and magnetic properties of SrFe12O19 by first-principles study
HL Hmŏk, I Betancourt, E Martínez-Aguilar, J Ribas-Ariño, OR Herrera
Theoretical Chemistry Accounts 140 (10), 1-11, 2021
An analysis of the ferroelastic transition in Pb(Zr0.53Ti0.47)O3:Gd through the elastic stiffness constant
Y de Armas Figueroa, J Portelles, R López-Noda, J Fuentes, HL Hmŏk, ...
Phase Transitions, 1-9, 2021
Structural, ferroelectric, and optical properties of Bi3+ doped YFeO3: A first‐principles study
E Martínez‐Aguilar, HL Hmŏk, J Ribas‐Ariño, JM Siqueiros Beltrones, ...
International Journal of Quantum Chemistry 121 (7), e26551, 2021
First-Principles study of the structural, electronic, magnetic, and ferroelectric properties of hypothetical La0. 75Bi0. 25Cr1-xFexO3 solid solutions
HL Hmŏk, E Martínez-Aguilar, J Ribas-Ariño, OR Herrera, ME Mendoza
Materials Today Communications, 102217, 2021
Structural, electronic and ferroelectric properties of Zn93. 75M6. 25O (M= Sr, Ba): first-principles calculations
HL Hmŏk, E Martínez-Aguilar, J Ribas-Ariño, JMS Beltrones
Scripta Materialia 187, 8-12, 2020
Dielectric Spectroscopy of the (K0. 44Na0. 52Li0. 04) 0.97 La0. 01Nb0. 9Ta0. 1O3 Ceramic Obtained by Sol-Gel
R López-Noda, J Portelles, G Rojas-George, A Reyes-Rojas, J Fuentes, ...
Effect of La3+/Sr2+ ordering on the magnetic properties of La2/3Sr1/3MnO3 by first principles calculations
HL Hmok, E Martínez-Aguilar, J Ribas-Ariño, JMS Beltrones, ...
Computational Materials Science 177, 109575, 2020
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