Міца Володимир (Mitsa V.)
Міца Володимир (Mitsa V.)
Uzhhorod National University (Ужгородський національний університет)
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Calculation of the vibrational spectra of arsenic sulfide clusters
F Billes, V Mitsa, I Fejes, N Mateleshko, I Fejsa
Journal of Molecular Structure 513 (1-3), 109-115, 1999
Simulation of Raman spectra of AsxS100-x glasses by the results of ab initio calculations of AsnSm clusters vibrations
RM Holomb, VM Mitsa
Local structure of technologically modified g-GeS2: resonant Raman and absorption edge spectroscopy combined with ab initio calculations
R Holomb*, P Johansson, V Mitsa, I Rosola
Philosophical Magazine 85 (25), 2947-2960, 2005
Energy-dependence of light-induced changes in g-As45S55 during recording the micro-Raman spectra
RM Holomb, VM Mitsa, P Johansson, N Mateleshko, A Matis, M Veres
Comparison of structural transforma‐tions in bulk and as‐evaporated optical media under action of polychromatic or photon‐energy dependent monochromatic illumination
R Holomb, V Mitsa, O Petrachenkov, M Veres, A Stronski, M Vlček
physica status solidi (c) 8 (9), 2705-2708, 2011
Ring-, branchy-, and cage-like AsnSm nanoclusters in the structure of amorphous semiconductors: ab initio and Raman study
RM Holomb, M Veres, VM Mitsa
Ab initio and Raman study of medium range ordering in GeSe2 glass
R Holomb, V Mitsa, E Akalin, S Akyuz, M Sichka
Journal of non-crystalline solids 373, 51-56, 2013
New evidence of light-induced structural changes detected in As–S glasses by photon energy dependent Raman spectroscopy
R Holomb, N Mateleshko, V Mitsa, P Johansson, A Matic, M Veres
Journal of non-crystalline solids 352 (9-20), 1607-1611, 2006
Boson peak of AsxS1− x glasses and theoretical calculations of low frequencies clusters vibrations
R Holomb, V Mitsa
Solid state communications 129 (10), 655-659, 2004
Structural studies of technologically modificated GeS2 glasses and film
N Mateleshko, V Mitsa, R Holomb
Physica B: Condensed Matter 349 (1-4), 30-34, 2004
Ab initio calculations and the effect of atomic substitution in the Raman spectra of As(Sb,Bi)2S3 films
O Kondrat, N Popovich, R Holomb, V Mitsa, O Petrachenkov, M Koós, ...
physica status solidi c 7 (3‐4), 893-896, 2010
Non‐linear optical properties and structure of wide band gap non‐crystalline semiconductors
V Mitsa, R Holomb, M Veres, A Marton, I Rosola, I Fekeshgazi, M Koós
physica status solidi (c) 8 (9), 2696-2700, 2011
Boson peak in low‐frequency Raman spectra of AsxS100‐x glasses: nanocluster contribution
R Holomb, V Mitsa, P Johansson, M Veres
physica status solidi c 7 (3‐4), 885-888, 2010
Localized states model of GeS2 glasses based on electronic states of GenSm clusters calculated by using TD-DFT method
RM Holomb, VM Mitsa, P Johansson
Influence of transition film-substrate layers on optical properties of the multilayer structures
YA Pervak, A Mitsa, I Holovach, IV Fekeshgazi
Selected Papers from the International Conference on Optoelectronic …, 2001
Computer modelling of characteristics of structures with short periods
J Holovacs, A Mitsa, V Mitsa
proc. 4th inter. conf./J. Holovacs, A. Mitsa, V. Mitsa//Applied Informatics …, 1999
Vibrational spectra and structural correlation in non-oxide glassy alloys
VM Mitsa
UMK VO, Kiev, 56, 1992
Photoluminescence in GexAsyS1-xy glasses by varying the average coordination number
V Mitsa, Y Babinets, Y Gvardionov, I Yermolovich
Journal of non-crystalline solids 137, 959-962, 1991
Coordination disordering in near-stoichiometric arsenic sulfide glass
O Shpotyuk, S Kozyukhin, Y Shpotyuk, P Demchenko, V Mitsa, M Veres
Journal of non-crystalline solids 402, 236-243, 2014
Synchrotron radiation photoelectron spectroscopy studies of self-organization in As40Se60 nanolayers stored under ambient conditions and after laser irradiation
O Kondrat, N Popovich, R Holomb, V Mitsa, V Lyamayev, N Tsud, V Cháb, ...
Journal of non-crystalline solids 358 (21), 2910-2916, 2012
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