Guogang Li
Guogang Li
Faculty of Materials Science and Chemistry, China University of Geosciences
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Recent progress in luminescence tuning of Ce 3+ and Eu 2+-activated phosphors for pc-WLEDs
G Li, Y Tian, Y Zhao, J Lin
Chemical Society Reviews 44 (23), 8688-8713, 2015
Tunable luminescence of Ce 3+/Mn 2+-coactivated Ca 2 Gd 8 (SiO 4) 6 O 2 through energy transfer and modulation of excitation: potential single-phase white/yellow-emitting phosphors
G Li, D Geng, M Shang, C Peng, Z Cheng, J Lin
Journal of Materials Chemistry 21 (35), 13334-13344, 2011
Color Tuning Luminescence of Ce3+/Mn2+/Tb3+-Triactivated Mg2Y8(SiO4)6O2 via Energy Transfer: Potential Single-Phase White-Light-Emitting Phosphors
G Li, D Geng, M Shang, Y Zhang, C Peng, Z Cheng, J Lin
The Journal of Physical Chemistry C 115 (44), 21882-21892, 2011
Single-Composition Trichromatic White-Emitting Ca4Y6(SiO4)6O: Ce3+/Mn2+/Tb3+ Phosphor: Luminescence and Energy Transfer
G Li, Y Zhang, D Geng, M Shang, C Peng, Z Cheng, J Lin
ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 4 (1), 296-305, 2012
Electrospinning Derived One‐Dimensional LaOCl: Ln3+ (Ln = Eu/Sm, Tb, Tm) Nanofibers, Nanotubes and Microbelts with Multicolor‐Tunable Emission Properties
G Li, Z Hou, C Peng, W Wang, Z Cheng, C Li, H Lian, J Lin
Advanced Functional Materials 20 (20), 3446-3456, 2010
Photoluminescence tuning via cation substitution in oxonitridosilicate phosphors: DFT calculations, different site occupations, and luminescence mechanisms
G Li, CC Lin, WT Chen, MS Molokeev, VV Atuchin, CY Chiang, W Zhou, ...
Chemistry of Materials 26 (9), 2991-3001, 2014
Highly Efficient Blue Emission and Superior Thermal Stability of BaAl12O19:Eu2+ Phosphors Based on Highly Symmetric Crystal Structure
Y Wei, L Cao, L Lv, G Li, J Hao, J Gao, C Su, CC Lin, HS Jang, P Dang, ...
Chemistry of Materials 30 (7), 2389-2399, 2018
Recent progress in low-voltage cathodoluminescent materials: synthesis, improvement and emission properties
G Li, J Lin
Chemical Society Reviews 43 (20), 7099-7131, 2014
New strategy for designing orangish-red-emitting phosphor via oxygen-vacancy-induced electronic localization
Y Wei, G Xing, K Liu, G Li, P Dang, S Liang, M Liu, Z Cheng, D Jin, J Lin
Light: Science & Applications 8 (1), 1-9, 2019
Tm 3+ and/or Dy 3+ doped LaOCl nanocrystalline phosphors for field emission displays
G Li, C Li, C Zhang, Z Cheng, Z Quan, C Peng, J Lin
Journal of materials chemistry 19 (47), 8936-8943, 2009
Eu3+/Tb3+-Doped La2O2CO3/La2O3 Nano/Microcrystals with Multiform Morphologies: Facile Synthesis, Growth Mechanism, and Luminescence Properties
G Li, C Peng, C Zhang, Z Xu, M Shang, D Yang, X Kang, W Wang, C Li, ...
Inorganic chemistry 49 (22), 10522-10535, 2010
Shape-Controllable Synthesis and Morphology-Dependent Luminescence Properties of GaOOH:Dy3+ and β-Ga2O3:Dy3+
G Li, C Peng, C Li, P Yang, Z Hou, Y Fan, Z Cheng, J Lin
Inorganic chemistry 49 (4), 1449-1457, 2010
Photoluminescence tuning of Ca 5 (PO 4) 3 Cl: Ce 3+/Eu 2+, Tb 3+/Mn 2+ phosphors: structure refinement, site occupancy, energy transfer and thermal stability
Y Tian, Y Wei, Y Zhao, Z Quan, G Li, J Lin
Journal of Materials Chemistry C 4 (6), 1281-1294, 2016
Multiform La 2 O 3: Yb 3+/Er 3+/Tm 3+ submicro-/microcrystals derived by hydrothermal process: Morphology control and tunable upconversion luminescence properties
G Li, M Shang, D Geng, D Yang, C Peng, Z Cheng, J Lin
CrystEngComm 14 (6), 2100-2111, 2012
Highly efficient Sr 3 Y 2 (Si 3 O 9) 2: Ce 3+, Tb 3+/Mn 2+/Eu 2+ phosphors for white LEDs: structure refinement, color tuning and energy transfer
M Zhang, Y Liang, R Tang, D Yu, M Tong, Q Wang, Y Zhu, X Wu, G Li
RSC Advances 4 (76), 40626-40637, 2014
Yellow-emitting NaCaPO4:Mn2+ phosphor for field emission displays
G Li, X Xu, C Peng, M Shang, D Geng, Z Cheng, J Chen, J Lin
Optics express 19 (17), 16423-16431, 2011
Facile synthesis, growth mechanism and luminescence properties of uniform La (OH) 3: Ho3+/Yb3+ and La 2 O 3: Ho3+/Yb3+ nanorods
G Li, C Li, Z Xu, Z Cheng, J Lin
CrystEngComm 12 (12), 4208-4216, 2010
Structural evolution induced preferential occupancy of designated cation sites by Eu 2+ in M 5 (Si 3 O 9) 2 (M= Sr, Ba, Y, Mn) phosphors
Y Wei, CC Lin, Z Quan, MS Molokeev, VV Atuchin, TS Chan, Y Liang, ...
RSC Advances 6 (62), 57261-57265, 2016
Full Color Luminescence Tuning in Bi3+/Eu3+-Doped LiCa3MgV3O12 Garnet Phosphors Based on Local Lattice Distortion and Multiple Energy Transfers
P Dang, S Liang, G Li, Y Wei, Z Cheng, H Lian, M Shang, AA Al Kheraif, ...
Inorganic chemistry 57 (15), 9251-9259, 2018
Novel yellowish-green light-emitting Ca 10 (PO 4) 6 O: Ce 3+ phosphor: structural refinement, preferential site occupancy and color tuning
G Li, Y Zhao, Y Wei, Y Tian, Z Quan, J Lin
Chemical Communications 52 (16), 3376-3379, 2016
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