Robert Keers
Robert Keers
Biological and Experimental Psychology, School of Biological and Chemical Sciences
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The relationship between delusions and violence: findings from the East London first episode psychosis study
JW Coid, S Ullrich, C Kallis, R Keers, D Barker, F Cowden, R Stamps
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R Keers, R Uher
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A genome-wide test of the differential susceptibility hypothesis reveals a genetic predictor of differential response to psychological treatments for child anxiety disorders
R Keers, JRI Coleman, KJ Lester, S Roberts, G Breen, M Thastum, ...
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Estimating the heritability of reporting stressful life events captured by common genetic variants
JP Rice
Variation in GNB3 predicts response and adverse reactions to antidepressants
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Paranoid ideation and violence: meta-analysis of individual subject data of 7 population surveys
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Reduced anxiety and depression-like behaviours in the circadian period mutant mouse afterhours
R Keers, I Pedroso, G Breen, KJ Aitchison, PM Nolan, S Cichon, ...
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Pharmacogenetics of antidepressant response
R Keers, KJ Aitchison
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Changes in body weight during pharmacological treatment of depression
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The endogenous and reactive depression subtypes revisited: integrative animal and human studies implicate multiple distinct molecular mechanisms underlying major depressive …
K Malki, R Keers, MG Tosto, A Lourdusamy, L Carboni, E Domenici, ...
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HL Fisher, S Cohen-Woods, GM Hosang, R Uher, G Powell-Smith, ...
Journal of affective disorders 136 (1-2), 189-193, 2012
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