Oleg Usatenko
Oleg Usatenko
A.Ya. Usikov Institute for radiophysics and electronics
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Binary N-step Markov chains and long-range correlated systems
OV Usatenko, VA Yampol’skii
Physical review letters 90 (11), 110601, 2003
Dynamical solitons in a one-dimensional nonlinear diatomic chain
OA Chubykalo, AS Kovalev, OV Usatenko
Physical Review B 47 (6), 3153, 1993
Memory functions of the additive Markov chains: applications to complex dynamic systems
SS Melnyk, OV Usatenko, VA Yampol'skii
Physica A: Statistical Mechanics and its Applications 361 (2), 405-415, 2006
Symbolic stochastic dynamical systems viewed as binary N-step Markov chains
OV Usatenko, VA Yampol’skii, KE Kechedzhy, SS Mel’nyk
Physical Review E 68 (6), 061107, 2003
Controlled terahertz frequency response and transparency of Josephson chains and superconducting multilayers
VA Yampol’skii, S Savel’ev, OV Usatenko, SS Mel’nik, FV Kusmartsev, ...
Physical Review B 75 (1), 014527, 2007
Random finite-valued dynamical systems: additive Markov chain approach
OV Usatenko
Cambridge Scientific Publishers, 2009
Competition between two kinds of correlations in literary texts
SS Melnyk, OV Usatenko, VA Yampol’skii, VA Golick
Physical Review E 72 (2), 026140, 2005
Stability of intrinsic localized modes in anharmonic 1-D lattices
OA Chubykalo, AS Kovalev, OV Usatenko
Physics Letters A 178 (1-2), 129-137, 1993
Bifurcation picture for gap solitons in nonlinear modulated systems
AS Kovalev, OV Usatenko, AV Gorbatch
Physical Review E 60 (2), 2309, 1999
Resonance excitation of single rotons in He II by an electromagnetic wave. Spectral line shape
AS Rybalko, SP Rubets, EY Rudavskii, VA Tikhiy, YM Poluectov, ...
Low Temperature Physics 35 (11), 837-842, 2009
Generation of correlated binary sequences from white noise
FM Izrailev, AA Krokhin, NM Makarov, OV Usatenko
Physical Review E 76 (2), 027701, 2007
Rank distributions of words in correlated symbolic systems and the Zipf law
KE Kechedzhi, OV Usatenko, VA Yampol’skii
Physical Review E 72 (4), 046138, 2005
Inhomogeneous DNA: conducting exons and insulating introns
AA Krokhin, VMK Bagci, FM Izrailev, OV Usatenko, VA Yampol’Skii
Physical Review B 80 (8), 085420, 2009
Bright and dark gap solitons governed by quadratic nonlinearities
YS Kivshar, OA Chubykalo, OV Usatenko, DV Grinyoff
International Journal of Modern Physics B 9 (22), 2963-2987, 1995
A comparative study of the Hannay's angles associated with a damped harmonic oscillator and a generalized harmonic oscillator
OV Usatenko, JP Provost, G Vallée
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 29 (10), 2607, 1996
Entropy and long-range correlations in DNA sequences
SS Melnik, OV Usatenko
Computational biology and chemistry 53, 26-31, 2014
Microwave Spectroscopy of Condensed Helium at the Roton Frequency
A Rybalko, S Rubets, E Rudavskii, V Tikhiy, Y Poluectov, ...
Journal of Low Temperature Physics 158 (1), 244-249, 2010
The Signum function method for the generation of correlated dichotomic chains
SS Apostolov, FM Izrailev, NM Makarov, ZA Mayzelis, SS Melnyk, ...
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and Theoretical 41 (17), 175101, 2008
Memory functions and correlations in additive binary Markov chains
SS Melnyk, OV Usatenko, VA Yampol'skii, SS Apostolov, ZA Maiselis
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 39 (46), 14289, 2006
Brownian motion of particles in 1D arbitrary periodic potentials near a phase transition point
OV Usatenko, VA Shklovskij
Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General 27 (15), 5043, 1994
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