R. D. Ramsey
R. D. Ramsey
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Landscape cover-type modeling using a multi-scene thematic mapper mosaic
CG Homer, RD Ramsey, TC Edwards Jr, A Falconer
Photogrammetric Engineering and Remote Sensing 63 (1), 59-67, 1997
Landsat spectral data for digital soil mapping
JL Boettinger, RD Ramsey, JM Bodily, NJ Cole, S Kienast-Brown, ...
Digital soil mapping with limited data, 193-202, 2008
A modified fractal dimension as a measure of landscape diversity
ER Olsen
Photo. Eng. and Remote Sensing 59 (10), 1517-1520, 1993
Analysis of transit service areas using geographic information systems
WA O'Neill, RD Ramsey, JC Chou
Transportation Research Record 364, 131, 1992
Mapping moderate-scale land-cover over very large geographic areas within a collaborative framework: a case study of the Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project (SWReGAP)
J Lowry, RD Ramsey, K Thomas, D Schrupp, T Sajwaj, J Kirby, E Waller, ...
Remote Sensing of Environment 108 (1), 59-73, 2007
Use of remote sensing methods in modelling sage grouse winter habitat
CG Homer, TC Edwards Jr, RD Ramsey, KP Price
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Digitally mapping gypsic and natric soil areas using Landsat ETM data
SJ Nield, JL Boettinger, RD Ramsey
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A protocol for retrospective remote sensing–based ecological monitoring of rangelands
RA Washington-Allen, NE West, RD Ramsey, RA Efroymson
Rangeland Ecology & Management 59 (1), 19-29, 2006
Determinants of urban tree canopy in residential neighborhoods: household characteristics, urban form, and the geophysical landscape
JH Lowry, ME Baker, RD Ramsey
Urban Ecosystems 15 (1), 247-266, 2012
Southwest Regional Gap Analysis Project: final report on land cover mapping methods
JH Lowry Jr, RD Ramsey, K Boykin, D Bradford, P Comer, S Falzarano, ...
RS/GIS Laboratory, Utah State University, Logan, Utah 50, 2005
Climate change trend in China, with improved accuracy
TX Yue, N Zhao, RD Ramsey, CL Wang, ZM Fan, CF Chen, YM Lu, BL Li
Climatic Change 120 (1), 137-151, 2013
Satellite remote sensing to predict potential distribution of dyers woad (Isatis tinctoria)
SA Dewey, KP Price, D Ramsey
Weed Technology 5 (3), 479-484, 1991
Canopy reflectance estimation of wheat nitrogen content for grain protein management
DL Wright, VP Rasmussen, RD Ramsey, DJ Baker, JW Ellsworth
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Evaluating the use of Landsat 30m Enhanced Thematic Mapper to monitor vegetation cover in shrub‐steppe environments
RD Ramsey, DL Wright Jr, C McGinty
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Quantification of the ecological resilience of drylands using digital remote sensing
RA Washington-Allen, RD Ramsey, NE West, BE Norton
Ecology and Society 13 (1), 2008
Random forests applied as a soil spatial predictive model in arid Utah
AK Stum, JL Boettinger, MA White, RD Ramsey
Digital soil mapping, 179-190, 2010
Accuracy assessment of the vegetation continuous field tree cover product using 3954 ground plots in the south‐western USA
MA White, JD Shaw, RD Ramsey
International Journal of Remote Sensing 26 (12), 2699-2704, 2005
The relationship between NOAA-AVHRR NDVI and ecoregions in Utah
RD Ramsey, A Falconer, JR Jensen
Remote Sensing of Environment 53 (3), 188-198, 1995
Remote sensing-based piosphere analysis
RA Washington-Allen, TG Van Niel, RD Ramsey, NE West
GIScience & Remote Sensing 41 (2), 136-154, 2004
Combining dendrochronological data and the disturbance index to assess Engelmann spruce mortality caused by a spruce beetle outbreak in southern Utah, USA
RJ DeRose, JN Long, RD Ramsey
Remote Sensing of Environment 115 (9), 2342-2349, 2011
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