Igor Djurovic
Igor Djurovic
University of Montenegro
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Time--frequency feature representation using energy concentration: An overview of recent advances
E Sejdić, I Djurović, J Jiang
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Fractional Fourier transform as a signal processing tool: An overview of recent developments
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Separation of target rigid body and micro-Doppler effects in ISAR imaging
L Stankovic, I Djurovic, T Thayaparan
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Micro-Doppler-based target detection and feature extraction in indoor and outdoor environments
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Instantaneous frequency in time–frequency analysis: Enhanced concepts and performance of estimation algorithms
L Stanković, I Djurović, S Stanković, M Simeunović, S Djukanović, ...
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Space/spatial-frequency analysis based filtering
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A virtual instrument for time-frequency analysis
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IEEE transactions on instrumentation and measurement 48 (6), 1086-1092, 1999
SAR imaging of moving targets using polynomial Fourier transform
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IET Signal Processing 2 (3), 237-246, 2008
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