Comani Silvia
Comani Silvia
Associate Professor in Biomedical Physics
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Independent component analysis of fMRI group studies by self-organizing clustering
F Esposito, T Scarabino, A Hyvarinen, J Himberg, E Formisano, S Comani, ...
Neuroimage 25 (1), 193-205, 2005
LIMPIC: a computational method for the separation of protein MALDI-TOF-MS signals from noise
D Mantini, F Petrucci, D Pieragostino, P Del Boccio, M Di Nicola, C Di Ilio, ...
BMC bioinformatics 8 (1), 101-126, 2007
Visuo‐attentional and sensorimotor alpha rhythms are related to visuo‐motor performance in athletes
C Del Percio, C Babiloni, M Bertollo, N Marzano, M Iacoboni, F Infarinato, ...
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Competence, achievement goals, motivational climate, and pleasant psychobiosocial states in youth sport
L Bortoli, M Bertollo, S Comani, C Robazza
Journal of Sports Sciences 29 (2), 171-180, 2011
Default network is not hypoactive in dementia with fluctuating cognition: an Alzheimer disease/dementia with Lewy bodies comparison
R Franciotti, NW Falasca, L Bonanni, F Anzellotti, V Maruotti, S Comani, ...
Neurobiology of aging 34 (4), 1148-1158, 2013
Development of mu rhythm in infants and preschool children
M Berchicci, T Zhang, L Romero, A Peters, R Annett, U Teuscher, ...
Developmental neuroscience 33 (2), 130-143, 2011
Striatal activity during intentional switching depends on pattern stability
C De Luca, KJ Jantzen, S Comani, M Bertollo, JAS Kelso
Journal of Neuroscience 30 (9), 3167-3174, 2010
Modulation of MCP-1 and iNOS by 50-Hz sinusoidal electromagnetic field
M Reale, MA De Lutiis, A Patruno, L Speranza, M Felaco, A Grilli, ...
Nitric Oxide 15 (1), 50-57, 2006
Functional coupling of parietal alpha rhythms is enhanced in athletes before visuomotor performance: a coherence electroencephalographic study
C Del Percio, M Iacoboni, R Lizio, N Marzano, F Infarinato, F Vecchio, ...
Neuroscience 175, 198-211, 2011
Time course reconstruction of fetal cardiac signals from fMCG: independent component analysis versus adaptive maternal beat subtraction
S Comani, D Mantini, A Lagatta, F Esposito, S Di Luzio, GL Romani
Physiological measurement 25 (5), 1305-1321, 2004
Independent component analysis: fetal signal reconstruction from magnetocardiographic recordings
S Comani, D Mantini, P Pennesi, A Lagatta, G Cancellieri
Computer methods and programs in biomedicine 75 (2), 163-177, 2004
Temporal Pattern of Pre-Shooting Psychophysiological States in Elite Athletes: A Probabilistic Approach
M Bertollo, C Robazza, WN Falasca, M Stocchi, C Babiloni, C Del Percio, ...
Psychology of Sport and Exercise 13, 91-98, 2012
Behavioural and psychophysiological correlates of athletic performance: A test of the multi-action plan model
M Bertollo, L Bortoli, G Gramaccioni, Y Hanin, S Comani, C Robazza
Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback 38 (2), 91-99, 2013
Characterization of fetal arrhythmias by means of fetal magnetocardiography in three cases of difficult ultrasonographic imaging
S Comani, M Liberati, D Mantini, E Gabriele, D Brisinda, S Di Luzio, ...
Pacing and clinical electrophysiology 27 (12), 1647-1655, 2004
Neural markers of performance states in an olympic athlete: an EEG case study in air-pistol shooting
S Di Fronso, C Robazza, LB Edson Filho, S Comani, M Bertollo
Journal of sports science & medicine 15 (2), 214, 2016
Fetal magnetocardiographic mapping using independent component analysis
S Comani, D Mantini, G Alleva, SD Luzio, GL Romani
Physiological measurement 25 (6), 1459-1472, 2004
A post-stroke rehabilitation system integrating robotics, VR and high-resolution EEG imaging
M Steinisch, M Tana, S Comani
IEEE Transactions on Neural System and Rehabilitation Engineering 21 (5 …, 2013
Proficient brain for optimal performance: the MAP model perspective
M Bertollo, S di Fronso, S Conforto, M Schmid, L Bortoli, S Comani, ...
PeerJ 4, e2082, 2016
To focus or not to focus: is attention on the core components of action beneficial for cycling performance?
M Bertollo, S di Fronso, V Lamberti, P Ripari, VM Reis, S Comani, ...
The Sport Psychologist 29 (2), 110-119, 2015
Blocked and random practice organization in the learning of rhythmic dance step sequences.
M Bertollo, M Berchicci, A Carraro, S Comani, C Robazza
Perceptual and motor skills 110 (1), 77-84, 2010
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