Drew Reams
Drew Reams
Associate Professor of Biological Sciences, California State University - Sacramento
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Origin of mutations under selection: the adaptive mutation controversy
JR Roth, E Kugelberg, AB Reams, E Kofoid, DI Andersson
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Mechanisms of gene duplication and amplification
AB Reams, JR Roth
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Duplication Frequency in a Population of Salmonella enterica Rapidly Approaches Steady State With or Without Recombination
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Selection for gene clustering by tandem duplication
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Multiple pathways of selected gene amplification during adaptive mutation
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Genome plasticity in Acinetobacter: new degradative capabilities acquired by the spontaneous amplification of large chromosomal segments
AB Reams, EL Neidle
Molecular microbiology 47 (5), 1291-1304, 2003
Transcriptional cross-regulation of the catechol and protocatechuate branches of the β-ketoadipate pathway contributes to carbon source-dependent expression of the …
PC Brzostowicz, AB Reams, TJ Clark, EL Neidle
Applied and environmental microbiology 69 (3), 1598-1606, 2003
Gene amplification involves site-specific short homology-independent illegitimate recombination in Acinetobacter sp. strain ADP1
AB Reams, EL Neidle
Journal of molecular biology 338 (4), 643-656, 2004
Multiple pathways of duplication formation with and without recombination (RecA) in Salmonella enterica
AB Reams, E Kofoid, E Kugelberg, JR Roth
Genetics 192 (2), 397-415, 2012
Recombination and Annealing Pathways Compete for Substrates in Making rrn Duplications in Salmonella enterica
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Genetics 196 (1), 119-135, 2014
Mechanisms of gene duplication and amplification. Cold Spring Harb Perspect Biol 7: a016592
AB Reams, JR Roth
Pathways of Genetic Adaptation: Multistep Origin of Mutants Under Selection Without Induced Mutagenesis in Salmonella enterica
S Quiñones-Soto, AB Reams, JR Roth
Genetics 192 (3), 987-999, 2012
Gene amplification in Acinetobacter
AB Reams
University of Georgia, 2003
ENVIRONMENTAL MICROBIOLOGY AND BIODEGRADATION-Transcriptional Cross-Regulation of the Catechol and Protocatechuate Branches of the b-Ketoadipate Pathway Contributes to Carbon …
PC Brzostowicz, AB Reams, TJ Clark, EL Neidle
Applied and Environmental Microbiology 69 (3), 1598-1606, 2003
CSH-Recombination Mechanisms
AB Reams, JR Roth
Domain Insertions in Protein Structures R. Aroul-Selvam, T. Hubbard and
R Sasidharan, GAIS Short, AB Reams, EL Neidle, A Ferrer-Martınez, ...
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